Two Ways to Multi-Purpose Your Garden Room

Garden rooms are being used to transform all types of homes across the UK.  Often significantly cheaper and easier to install than an extension, garden rooms can be used to create almost any additional living space.

A home office, entertainment room, a guest room, a cinema room – the opportunities are endless.

But what about transforming a simple garden room into an even more practical multipurpose space? What are the options available, if looking to gain maximum value from your garden room?

Riverside Garden Rooms

1.  Split the Room with a Partition

First up, the most obvious solution is to create a physical partition between the two planned spaces. There are a couple of ways of achieving this, such as the installation of a specialist partition walls system. These are often available as add-ons from those who manufacture and install garden rooms. If not, they can be supplied and installed in almost any shape, size and configuration required as an aftermarket extra.

An even simpler (and more versatile) option is to install high-quality plantation shutters as a room divider. Shutters could prove to be a far more cost-effective option, with the added bonus of being fully movable and adjustable. Partition the room with the shutters when necessary or open them up when looking to make full use of the space available. Shutters as room dividers can also be manufactured and installed in any configuration and design, to suit the interior décor of your garden room.

2.  Get Creative with Furniture Arrangements

The other option is to simply use the furniture in the room to create the ‘suggestion’ of a partition. This is where you use something like a bookcase, a sofa or another large piece of furniture to mark a virtual boundary. The back of the sofa marks where the living room area comes to an end, and the dining area or kitchen begins.

The effect can be boosted by strategically using floor rugs to group areas of furniture together. One rug in the centre of the living space and a second contrasting rug beyond the boundary, creating two separate ‘zones’ within the same open space. Dividing the garden room into two functional spaces does not have to mean installing physical partitions – it is all about the way the space is perceived.

Bespoke Garden Rooms for All Purposes…

At Riverside Garden Rooms, we specialise in bespoke garden rooms of the highest quality for all exterior spaces. During your obligation-free design consultation, we will present you with the options available and help you make the right choice for your home. For more information on how to create your perfect garden room or to discuss any of our products in more detail, contact a member of the team at Riverside Garden Rooms today. For details of our range of shutter styles, please visit Riverside Shutters (riversideshutterslondon.co.uk).