Top Cleaning Products That You Need To Keep Your House Spick and Span

Hands washed with a cleaning product

There are two types of people in this global lockdown. One group includes those who are struggling to keep their house clean because the kids literally cannot stop partying and munching on food while they are home. The other group of people includes those who have not paid attention to their homes in months because of their busy schedules.

The second group should be glad now because now is the best time to distract yourself with some deep cleaning. The former group will love this post for some amazing cleaning products that will make their life easy. Here are all the essentials that you need to have for a squeaky clean house.

HEPA Filter Vacuum

Vacuum cleaners have been around for ages now and are not a new appliance. However, we live in tough times and regular vacuum cleaners are just not enough anymore. Your old vacuum can still suction away all the dust and pet hair off the nooks but it cannot eliminate the allergens coming in from the window or settled into your carpet. Vacuum cleaners that have built-in HEPA filters are designed not only to remove the trash and dust but also removes all the allergens leaving you a fresh and clean space. 

Steam Cleaner

The HEPA Vac does an impeccable job with the allergens but the viruses, bacteria and infectious germs are still a problem that needs to sort out. Your Spin Mop and Swivel Mop might be a great buy for the dirt settled on the floor but it cannot do much about those invisible monsters that can make you fall sick. Moreover, customers using spin mops and swivels have been whining about how hard it is to scrub off grime and grease with those mops. Steam cleaner offers a perfect solution to this messy problem. They work as a substitute to mops and are designed to generate steam when the water in the tank is heated. This steam loosens tough stains, grease, grime and also kills bacteria and viruses in the process, and you get a squeaky clean house. 

Surface Cleaners

Instead of stashing a dozen different detergents and cleaners in your cabinet and soaring your grocery bills, it is smarter to invest in a good quality surface cleaner. A good multipurpose surface cleaner can handle your bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedroom pretty well. Dettol, Astonish and Jif have some really good all-purpose surface cleaning products. The secret is to let the cleaner sit for 10 minutes before you wipe it clean.

Stove Top Cleaner

We have suddenly gotten all the time in the world to cook food. Perhaps, there is nothing much to do and food is one of the best ways for a family bonding. Do not be surprised if you have to cook four different dishes for everyone in the house. All that food love means dirty stoves. Moreover, if you had not cleaned your stoves properly in months because you were too busy, now is the best time to make your tops shine. Invest in a good stovetop cleaner and wipe your tops squeaky clean in a single stroke. Product Advisor reviews best stove top cleaner products which you can check out to figure out what products to buy.