Tips To Clear And Prevent Clogged Drains

Plumber repairing pipe in kitchen

Clogged drains are the kind of problems that occur at the most random times. Like you could be hosting a party, and the kitchen sink gets blocked, or the bathtub will not drain water. It is a slow process that takes weeks and months to build up and completely stop the drainage.

Clogged drains are a headache they consume a lot of time, money and also the smells that arise from them is unbearable and unhealthy for your family. Prevention is better than curing the same rules apply here to try to prevent clogging drains instead of getting them cleared later on. There are multiple options available in the market to avoid clogging of drain and even clearing the drained ones without spending a fortune on them. We have listed some of them below


Yes, you heard us there is a certain kind of bacteria that can eat up all the nasty stuff like hair, soap, organic matter, food, and even grease. It is available in both liquid and granular forms in the market. All you have to do is pour down the liquid in the clogged drains before going to bed and give it some time to do its job. Make sure no one uses the clogged sink at that time to avoid it from getting flushing down. The bacteria is noncorrosive and therefore, does not harm the pipes. It does not even kill other bacteria lying around. No matter how rigid the clog is, it is most likely to be consumed by this bacteria. A packet of this bacteria could be used for months depending on how much clogged your drains get. It is a cheap remedy that is most likely to work unless there are more complex plumbing problems involved.

A professional plumber

Sometimes the problem is a lot worse than hair people tend to rinse grout, cement, and plaster down their sink which then travels through the pipes reacts with the water forming a clog. That is extremely hard to remove as it dries up and becomes more of a plumbing problem. Sometimes the main drain gets clogged due to months of negligence, and it goes beyond the scope of a normal person to clear it. For such problems, you can call for plumbing services from your laptop online like Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Dallas. It is a highly convenient option and would also guarantee quality work.

A plumbing snake

Also, known as an auger, this is a long snake-like plumbing tool that has a corkscrew attached to its tips. All you need to do is push the snake down the clogged drain while twisting it continuously so that the hair and other debris gets tangled with a corkscrew and can be easily pulled out. It is a cheap hack and is easily available at hardware or home stores. It is a professional tool often used by a plumber to unclog tough drains. The length of the auger varies for different drains like that of the bathroom, showers, main pipes, and kitchen. The longest one may even be 50FT long but is highly reserved for use by plumbers.

Flush your drains

It is a great way to keep your drains clear. Almost everyone can do this. While faucet may be helpful but this technique is quite effective all you have to do is fill your sink or tub with plenty of water and then flush it out altogether so that all the dirt stuck to your pipes flows away with the running water. For flushing drains pour down a few buckets of water down the drain while continuously pressing the flush as well. This will cause sufficient water flow and would help in keeping the drains clear.

Use trash cans

Firstly for the kitchen drain, before doing the dishes, clean the plates by collecting food waste in a basket. It would be your composting bin and can even be used as a fertilizer for your kitchen garden later on. Avoid throwing meat in it as it takes longer to decompose. In any case, avoid the temptation of grinding the food particles and draining them down the sink as there is always a risk of clogging. Toilets drains are much bigger so we usually feel like we can throw anything in them and they would make it to the main pipe. That is not the case your makeup tools, earbuds, floss can get stuck in the small pipes and can clog it. Moreover, these things do not decompose fast, so avoid throwing them down the toilet. Use trash bins and dump all such waste in it.

Mesh screens and pop up stoppers

Some tools catch hair and other particles before they reach the pipes and clog them. Mesh screens in bathroom sinks and shower drains allow water to drain away while the hair stayed on the surface. Popup stoppers act like a magnet or hair and all the nasty stuff that can cause trouble you have to pull it out after some weeks and clean it. Otherwise, it would slow down the drainage of water.

Grease is a big NO

Never pour grease down the drain it easily drains down, but as soon it reaches the pipe and cools down it can form clogs and also other particles with it. Instead, collect the grease in a container and dispose of it in the garbage when it is full. Some people like to reuse leftover bacon grease they can easily store it in a metal container for use later on.

In conclusionClogged drains, whether in the washroom or kitchen, are a mess. They are expensive to treat once the clogs become coarse, and only professional help would clear the pipes. The best way to avoid clogging is to clean the drains often and also install mesh screens to prevent their entry in the pipes. A plumbing snake and bacteria are two very effective ways to clear the clogged pipes. Involve a plumber as soon as the problem arises in the main pipes and is not a localized one. Dump all waste in the trash can and never flush it down the toilet or kitchen sink no matter how tempting it gets.