Tips To Choose Non-Toxic Cookware

kitchen cookware

We are what we eat. Many factors have an impact on your health, mood and well-being, but the food is definitely the most important out of them all. Buying quality food, free of pesticides and other chemicals is essential. You have to minimize the amount of toxin in your body. Even though people are more and more aware of healthy food importance, they donít realize that cookware matters as well. Here youíll learn how to buy the safest, non-toxic cookware.

Choosing kitchen utensils is often complicated. A variety of products is very wide, and youíll often find yourself lost. If youíre planning to purchase cookware in the nearest future, make sure to consider these criteria.


The very first instinct that customers have is to purchase a product cheaply. When it comes to cookware, however, your priority should be safety. Cooking equipment is made from various materials. And it wouldnít even matter, but unfortunately, some chemicals leach into the food when youíre cooking. They can also be released into the air when you heat the products. Multiple studies have shown that aluminum and non-stick cookware contain the biggest amount of dangerous chemicals and heavy metals. If you want to enjoy eating free of toxin food, make sure always to purchase the safest cookware.

Avoid buying non-stick Teflon cookware. They are obviously the best when it comes to convenience – they are easy to clean, and you donít have to worry about having oil because food wonít stick to them. They would be perfect if it werenít for toxicity. Some manufacturers warn not to use too high temperatures – toxic fumes are emitted in such a case, which was proven by Environmental Working Group. The most commonly used non-stick coating is definitely Teflon. If you decide to choose a pan made out of Teflon never overheat it – manufacturers recommend not to exceed 260 įC.

Aluminum cookware is also dangerous to use. According to studies, this element can leach into food when youíre cooking acidic type of food, for example, tomato products. Your body obviously needs small amounts of aluminum. But, once too much of it enters inside your body, it will settle into your brain, liver, heart and bones. High exposure to aluminum is related to many brain diseases, such as Alzheimer, Parkinson or multiple sclerosis. If you can, avoid buying cookware made with Teflon and aluminum. They can be dangerous for your body.

Much safer cookware is made from cast iron, glass, stainless steel, ceramic and titanium. If health is a priority for you, make sure to buy cookware made from one of these materials. They can be more expensive and less convenient to use, but they are, for sure, safer.


It surely is one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing the cookware. Kitchen products can be expensive, and you want to use them for a longer time. Luckily, when it comes to durability, much depends on how good you take care of it. So if you donít neglect maintenance importance, then cookware should serve you for many years. A lot depends on the material as well – good quality cast iron or stainless steel cookware will easily serve you for decades. When it comes to non-stick products, they typically last up to 5 years, because they can be damaged and scratched easier.


Some cooking equipment can cost you much. But when it comes to cookware, high price usually means high quality as well. If youíre not on a budget, go for the best quality cookware. It might be costly, but it will serve you for many years. Donít stress if you canít afford top quality products, though. The variety of choice is huge, and youíll surely be able to find good quality, safe cookware that comes with reasonable price.

Every time youíre planning to buy cookware, you have to ask yourself a question – what do you care about the most? Many people go for price, but most of them are not aware that certain cookware can be dangerous and toxic. Avoid buying non-stick and aluminum products if you can. They can leach and emit toxic substances, which are dangerous for your body. Instead, go for safer products, which oftentimes come with great quality and durability.