Things To Do When Moving To A New State

Moving To A New State

Moving to a new state can be exciting of daunting. Whether you are moving for work or just for a change of scenery, you are likely to have mixed feelings.

In the chaos of moving there are a lot of things that you can easily overlook. Check out these tips for moving to another state.

Do your research

There is a ton of information that you can find online. There is no need to move to a different state without knowing anything.

You can look up information like local restaurants, social venues, recreational activities, and local businesses.

Moving to a new state can be daunting. You may feel isolated or lost. But it is possible to know as much about your new neighborhood as any local with a bit of research.

Make your move as comfortable as possible by getting to know the area ahead of time.

Start packing early

Packing is the type of job that you can easily underestimate. You have box everything up, decide what to keep and what to give away. You will probably come across many things in your house that you had forgotten about.

Don’t leave this until that last minute. Start packing all your non-essentials first. The more you can get done early, the easier it will be come moving time.

Moving is often stressful because you can easily lose track of all the things you need to take with you. By packing early, you will refresh your memory and be able to work out everything that is going with you.

It is a good idea to start your packing by throwing out everything that is clearly junk. By sorting through all of your stuff, you can work out exactly how many boxes you will need.

Next, you should separate the things that you want to take with you from things that you don’t want but are too good to throw away.

Give yourself enough time to hold a garage sale or sell things on eBay. This is the best way to get rid of unwanted items as it will give you some extra cash to help with moving expenses.

Once you have sorted out the things you are taking with you, start boxing up the things you won’t be using before the move. Label the boxes clearly and make an inventory of what’s in each box.

Make things as easy as possible for yourself. With all boxes labeled and an inventory, it will be a breeze on moving day.

Secure your new home

You should contact a real estate agent several months before you plan to move. A local real estate agent will have specialized knowledge of the area you are moving to and can help you find the best place for the right price.

Whether you plan to rent or buy, you should make sure you have the place well before moving day. It may seem obvious, but there have been many people who waited too long before securing their new house. When it came time to move, there were all sorts of unforeseen problems at the last minute which delayed their move.

The point is to minimize as many problems as possible. You want to know that your new home is ready for you to move in. It is best if you can drive down ahead of time to inspect the place and make sure there are no problems.

Make sure that the power and gas will be connected on the day you move in or earlier. Make sure there is nothing that you need to buy like lightbulbs or cleaning supplies.

You should be able to settle in as soon as your belongings are delivered and unpacked.

Hire the right moving company

There is a lot of competition among moving companies. Make sure you choose one that will give you the best service.

Ask friends and family about their experiences and if they have any recommendations.

Look at reviews online. These are often very helpful and can give you a good idea of what to expect.

You should also get quotes for at least three companies. If they are good ones, they will conduct an onsite inspection of your goods, or they may request a video survey, before quoting you a price.

You should also make sure that they have all the necessary licenses.

Forward your mail

Ideally, you should contact USPS a few weeks before you move and let them know that you need your mail forwarded. You can do this easily by visiting their website and selecting the date that you want them to start forwarding your mail.

This is something that is easy to overlook, so it’s best to get on it early. You don’t want important mail being sent to your old address after you have already moved.

Update your driver’s license

Most states require you to obtain a new driver’s license within a certain period of time after moving in. This is one more thing that you should get done earlier rather than later.

It is simple to do. Just visit the local department of motor vehicles.

You will need your previous driver’s license. You will also need proof that you are now a resident like some utility bills or a copy of your lease.

As well as these, you will most likely need a copy of your birth certificate and your social security number.

You will want to update your license as soon as possible to avoid any hassles, especially if you have to drive for work.

Important documents

One thing that is easily overlooked are important documents. These can include birth certificates, licenses, medical records, lease agreements, and the list goes on.

Put all your important documents together in a folder and label it clearly.

You may also need to prepare medicine if required.

Keeping these important items handy will save you a lot of headaches during the move. Documents have a way of getting lost, so make sure you have all of yours together in one place.