The Proper Way to Hang Window Boxes on Various Exteriors

Window Box Installation Guide by FlowerWindowBoxes.com

Adding window boxes to your home’s exterior is a simple and inexpensive way to boost curb appeal. In a single afternoon you can change the aesthetics of your home. Before you jump in and start installing window boxes, you need to know the proper method of hanging for your exterior.

Window boxes must support a fair amount of weight. There are many methods described online which do not require drilling. You should be wary of such methods which call for the simple attachment of a bracket or hooks. These types of attachment can be unsafe, putting you and your family at risk. They can also cause damage to the exterior of your home.

Here is a quick look at the proper way to hang window boxes on various exteriors.

Hardie Board

Many older homes utilize a siding known as Hardie board. This type of siding is made of wood planks that have been reinforced with cement fibers. As a result, the boards are very durable. You will need a masonry bit in order to drill the required holes in Hardie board, and you must take care to attach your window boxes to a stud.

You can use a stud finder to locate the studs, and you can screw the window boxes directly in. A simpler type of attachment will likely cause the window boxes to be pulled out of the Hardie planks, leaving damage to your exterior.

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding is still a very popular home exterior, and it can be versatile when it comes to ornamentation and things like window boxes. Unfortunately, much misinformation exists about attaching window boxes to aluminum siding with hooks.

The only safe way to attach a window box to this type of exterior is by using screws and anchors. Simply using a screw to try and attach the board will damage your siding. You’ll need to locate the studs and drill holes for the anchors. Once you have inserted the anchors you can then screw the windows boxes in place.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is similar to aluminum siding when it comes to attachments. The simple method of using hooks which are attached to the vinyl siding will not provide the support that you need for your project.

Once again, anchors and long screws are your best option. You can also fill the anchors with a silicone caulk before you insert the screws. This will provide even more strength and resilience, especially if you live in an area that is prone to high winds.


Stucco is a unique type of home exterior. It involves many layers. The primary layer is a combination of cement and sand which has been dried until it resembles mortar. The layering process is what gives stucco its unique patterns.

What you need to be concerned with is what’s happening beneath the stucco. Behind it there will usually be a plywood sheath and tar paper. Finding studs in the plywood sheathing and using a plastic wall anchor will deliver the results you are after. In the case of some synthetic stucco exteriors, you need to consult a professional before attempting to drill.


Brick is still one of the most common home exteriors. It was the standard for most homes built after 1950 until aluminum and vinyl siding gained popularity. Attaching to masonry is relatively easy and inexpensive, but you will need the right tools such as a hammer drill and masonry bit.

Again, be wary of suggestions that involve a mounting bracket or hooks. Instead, use plastic wall anchors and lag screws to get a good attachment though the masonry. Drilling the holes for the anchors will be the hardest part of the process.

One final thing to consider when hanging window boxes is material. The dependability of your flower window box installation can be affected by how the box is made. PVC construction is one choice that has many advantages for the homeowner.

PVC can be structurally capable of bearing more weight. It is also easier to work with during the actual installation process. You’ll have more options when you choose this popular type of window box.

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