The Best Patio Upgrades to Consider in 2020

Many people consider upgrading their patio for several reasons. Some choose to do so to create a more beautiful space, and others are interested in finding an effective way to save energy. If youíve been considering an upgrade to your home patio, there are a lot of different options out there you can choose. You might be interested in patio enclosures, alumawood patio covers, or maybe solar power awnings. Learning as much information as possible will help you decide on which option is best for your patio. Hereís some detailed information on some of the more common upgrades you might want to consider. 

Porch enclosure 

You might be interested in reducing the number of insects or bugs that get into your patio space. A porch enclosure is designed to prevent bugs from getting inside. Itís also able to help with blocking out heat on sunny days or rain during thunderstorms. This way, you can still enjoy being outside without worrying about the weather too much. In addition to providing some cover from the elements, it can also give a little extra privacy from your neighbors as well. There are three main types of porch enclosures you can consider adding as an upgrade to your patio.  

Screen rooms are the kind of enclosures designed to block out bugs. Three season rooms provide more protection by using glass rather than aluminum frames. This option allows it to potentially be an extra living space for your guests. Solariums are designed to be used all year round. Thermally engineered frames and insulated glass help it to be able to withstand both cold and hot temperatures throughout the year. In addition, these porch enclosures can have glass walls and roofs, and also have extra security features installed for safety. Each of these enclosure options can potentially be suitable upgrades for your patio. 

Equinox louvered roof system 

This patio cover is made with aluminum, which helps it to withstand harsh weather conditions such as hail. The motor is powered by solar energy, making it a roof that can save on your energy cost. There are interlocking panels that rotate to help control the amount of ventilation and light that gets into your patio space. You can also choose to have the roof closed to protect you and your guests from any rain as well. These adjustable options allow for more comfort in your outdoor living space. Additionally, the warranty on the structure lasts for ten years, and the power components for three years. 

Outdoor roll down shades 

This upgrade option may be particularly useful for those who live in very hot environments. Outdoor roll down shades can help provide adequate protection from the UV rays of the sun and the hot weather. With the heat reduced, this potentially helps your home to use less AC in the house and reduce your energy costs. It also can provide privacy from your neighbors. If you use electronic entertainment devices on your patio, the shades will block out the glare from the screen as well. Beyond its use for the sun, it can also be helpful in minimizing cold breezes in your space during winter. 

Sol-Lux Solar Power Awning 

The solar power awnings, as indicated in the name, is powered by solar energy. Thereís no use of electricity to turn it on. The awnings can extend whenever they sense any sunlight and protect you from the heat of the sun. In addition to protecting you and your guests, it can protect your flooring and furniture from deterioration as well. The awnings retract whenever it senses any high wind, preventing it from getting damaged during a severe thunderstorm. This upgrade can save you the time of having to do the task of opening and closing the awning manually. In addition, the upgrade to a solar power awning can potentially increase the value of your home and reduce your homeís energy consumption. 

Alumawood Patio Covers 

What makes alumawood patio covers different from other patio covers is that it has a wood-like appearance but is made of aluminum. This material presents a few different benefits in comparison to other patios. Itís lightweight, making it easy to install on your home. Another benefit is that it requires less maintenance compared to other materials. Aluminum doesnít peel, chip, crack, or get any damage from termites like wood does. Itís also unlike wood because you donít have to paint or season it regularly to maintain durability. 

Additionally, alumawood doesnít get damaged by rain, sun rays, or other severe weather conditions. Beyond the strength of the material, cleaning doesn’t require much work, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. You can learn more about alumawood patio covers here:  

How can I improve my patio? 

Beyond the upgrades listed, you can improve your patio in other ways as well. One option is to get your patio repaired. If youíve had your patio for a while, itís more than likely developed some fading and cracks. You can seek out the help of a professional or perform the maintenance yourself to fix those issues. It may also be a helpful improvement to get rid of any weeds that grow through the cracks of your floor.  

This removal can be done by pulling out the weeds or using a solution to kill them. Next, you should maybe consider looking into power washing your patio. The floors of your patio might be very faded or stained after a few years. A power washer can help restore the color of your flooring to the original look that it had. You might also want to consider adding potted plants to your patio as well. 

A more recent popular improvement some have opted for is adding a patio fireplace. The patio fireplace requires little work to put together and are not as expensive compared to other improvements you could consider. In addition to fire pits, thereís also the option of creating an outdoor kitchen on your patio. Homeowners can save time cooking the food in the outdoor kitchen, rather than having to bring it out from the indoor kitchen. 

Should I add or replace my patio furniture? 

Adding patio furniture will depend on how you intend to use the space. If youíre planning on having your patio be an area for outdoor entertainment, a dining set could be a useful investment. Patio couches are also becoming more popular for people to have in their patio space. Lastly, itís helpful to have enough seating to be able to allow many guests to enjoy your patio space. 

Is it safe for patio furniture to get wet? 

Depending on if you choose one of the upgrade options that were listed, you perhaps wouldnít have to worry about your outdoor furniture getting wet. Nonetheless, if thereís a concern for the furniture potentially getting ruined, there are specific types of furniture designed to be outside. They can resist mildew, moisture, and other elements to stay comfortable and relaxing for you and your guests. The main part of maintaining it would be to shake off any pollen or other debris thatís on it. If the cushions you have or the covering of the cushion can fit in your washer and dryer, you can clean it that way. You can store your outdoor cushions away whenever its winter, and you donít plan to use your outdoor space as much. 

What patio flooring would be best to upgrade to? 

If youíre looking to change your patio flooring, the best one will be based on what needs you want to fulfill with your upgrade. Different patio flooring will provide you with different benefits. If youíre looking for a long-lasting floor type, brick and natural stone are both durable options. Brick, in particular, provides some slip-resistance as well. If youíre interested in an inexpensive option, you could perhaps consider choosing concrete floors. In addition to being less costly, it also doesnít require much maintenance to keep it intact. Tile and wood are other options that can be considered. It’s important to keep in mind with these options that they may require more regular maintenance.  

Is a permit required to build a patio cover? 

Every city and town have their own specific permit requirements for certain features of a home. You can find out whether your area requires a permit for patio covers through searching for permit requirements in your location. If you plan to hire somebody to set up the patio cover for you, theyíll likely know the answer to that question already. They may even be able to help you acquire the permit, and then work with you on building your patio cover at the right permitted size while still meeting your expectations. 

Upgrading your patio through adding a patio cover or blinds can potentially make your patio look more desirable to you. It can also possibly reduce energy costs and increase the value of your home, depending on what option you choose. Itís important to carefully take time considering which option you feel will fit your patio needs. Feel free to consult with professionals for further help.

Image Credi: patio porch via Ursula Page/Shutterstock