The 3 Best Ways To Modernize Your Home

Modernize Your Home

Just about everybody dreams of having a house like what people imagined back in the 1950s. Although some of the things they imagined are still in the realm of science fiction, there are a lot of innovations that have revolutionized the way houses work. Thanks to the Internet of Things, we can now retrofit our houses with all kinds of devices that make life easier.

What used to belong to industry in the form of remote devices such as the JRI, is now available in our homes. There are a number of ways to modernize houses to give us a much better way to live. In this article, we will go over several ways that you can modernize your home and live like itís the future.

1 – Smart thermostats

One of the best ways to take advantage of some of these innovations is to heat and cool your home with the help of smart thermostats. They take all of the guesswork and settings out of your hands and use Artificial Intelligence to decide the optimal temperature and when the house needs to be cooled and heated. To get the most value from smart thermostats, ensure to get professional help such as Valley Heating & Cooling to handle installation services and ongoing maintenance.

They have sensors on them that will detect when people are in the room. They then use this in a report to understand the most common times that a person uses a certain room. When the house needs to be heated, they will direct the heat to those areas when people are in the rooms the most.

There is even the possibility of having them connect to the local weather forecast and determine if there needs to be any changes to the usual temperature of the house. In addition to that, you can also use geofencing so if you are on your way home from work, the thermostats will know when you are on your way and turn on the heat or air conditioning so the house is your ideal temperature by the time you get home.

2 – Solar panels

The cost of energy is rising all the time. If you can control your own energy production then you can have a very modern house without having huge bills to pay for it. Setting up solar panels is a great way to make sure that you are able to power everything up and have your own source of electricity and heat.

Connecting solar panels will allow you to use a heat pump that is extremely efficient to heat your house. Since it uses electricity and not gas, with solar panels you can power your house as well as heat it.

3 – Use a smart toilet

Yes, even your toilet can now be smart. These toilets have been in use in Japan for decades but are only now becoming popular in the US. A smart toilet is one that has a lot of electronic functions. It has a warm water bidet that will wash you with a jet of water so you can be hands free. It will then dry you with warm air. Some models even have a self cleaner as well as a heated seat for comfort. Lighted seats also make it easy to find your way around when itís dark.