The 3 Benefits Of A Mini Split Heat Pump

Heat Pump

Most people that have looked into cooling their homes are familiar with the concept of a ductless air conditioner. These are a great way to cool down a space for those that donít want a central system.

Many people are not aware that the same type of system works for heating a space as well. The concept is that a mini split heat pump has a mounted fan that heats the space without any ducts. The heat pump is outside and attached through the wall to the heater itself.

If you are looking to heat a room or more then one room then you should be adding this to your list of considerations. In this article, I will go over the several benefits of using a mini split heat pump.

1 – It takes up very little space

Since the heater itself is a condenser located outside, there is very little space required to have one. The fan is what is on the inside of the room and is very slim. It may only stick out from the wall about 6 to 10 inches or so and is mounted at the top of the wall.

If you live in an apartment, then this is the ideal solution for space saving and heating a small space at the same time. You wonít need to take up space in the basement or utility closet for the heater. Nor will you need to waste space that is already limited with the duct work since the ducts run on the outside of the wall.

2 – Theyíre very quiet

With the condenser outside the house, you wonít hear the operation at all. This gives you a very quiet experience when you are heating the room. With a system with ducts, it can be very noisy as the ducts are not very well insulated for sound so you hear the air rushing through them.

Not only that, but even a furnace burning the gas can be loud. If you have one in a small apartment in a closet, letís say, then you surely will be annoyed by the noise. The condenser outside is also quiet so your neighbors wonít be bothered by the sound of it running.

3 – More installation options

You have a lot of flexibility as to where you can install your heater when you arenít dealing with ducts and a big furnace. This means that you can install the heater right where you need it. Letís say that you want to heat a garage but running ducts to it wouldnít be feasible or even economical. Now you can install the heater right where you want it.

Also, you are limited as to where the point of heat is in the room when you are dealing with ducts. If you have a mini split heat pump then you can put the heater right where you need it most. Over a desk where youíre working, or a couch so you can be cosy while watching TV.