Technology: Creating Safer Homes – 7 Tips for You and Your Family

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Why choose technology to create a safer home? Your home is your haven and with introducing the latest technologies into your home you could realise that technology plays a big role in making your everyday lives even better. With technology rapidly advancing there are countless different systems to install in your home to keep your family and your assets safe & untouched. 

In recent years the public has been introduced to a prodigious term ‘Smart Home’ and as the name says it is very similar to a ‘Smartphone’ that does many tasks on your behalf. You could live in a home where you need not worry about keeping an eye on anything at all. Simply follow your everyday routine while your home watches itself and the safety of your family. And it all starts with simply installing home security cameras.

Technology can be very overwhelming for most people and you may get flustered. With home safety you may end up making the wrong decisions when picking security features & risk the safety of your own home. Here are 6 useful tips to create safe spaces in an effective way, guaranteeing peace of mind for you and your family

1. Strategically Placing Home Security Cameras 

Keep in mind that when you have a home invasion, the perpetrator will try and hide from the view of a camera. Placing the cameras’ viewpoints in such a way that all areas are covered is essential. Also, quality HD infrared cameras are best to have around your home for clear imagery during night-time and overcast days.

2. Setting Timers on Your Security System

Not all people follow a strict routine every day when they leave their homes or when they get into bed. You may forget to arm your new system. Keeping your security system disarmed will cause the whole system to be vulnerable and pointless to have. With today’s technology, security systems can be programmed to think for itself when you’re too busy, turning on even without you touching a button.

3. Motion Detection Even When You Are Home

Home invasion could happen while you entertain your guests in your backyard. Having motion detection on your home security cameras could be useful for getting your attention when unexpected—unwelcome—guests try to enter your property. 

Not knowing who or what is behind your front door as you open it can be a risk to the safety of your home and loved ones. Doorbell cameras are therefore also a very safe choice of technology to add to your security system.

4. Familiarising Yourself with Your Alarm & System

Don’t panic!

Stop the panic and frantic decision making by familiarising yourself and your family with your alarm system. Make sure that all family members know exactly how to react and follow procedures to stay safe; instead of becoming anxious & act on impulse which could cause more risk. Follow these steps to help you protect yourself and your family in a home invasion.

5. Mobile Access to Your Home Security System

Being able to know if your home is safe at all times sounds like a dream. But it’s becoming more and more possible. With mobile devices being capable of accessing your security system, you can access your home security cameras from anywhere in the world.

As you leave your home for a vacation or simply just going to work you can keep an eye on your home from any Smartphone or computer.

Now, when being alerted by your security system you don’t have to be worried; you can take action. Report details of the situation to your security company before they respond to a call out, so they can make informed decisions. 

6. Family Tracking

Always knowing when your family arrives safely is a very important part of safety in your household. With our busy lifestyles and forgetful minds family tracking is a handy extra and it’s made possible with innovative technology. It can be automated with Smartphone apps like Companion to automatically inform your friends and family of your safety. 

7. Best Safety Practice 

Even though the technology is available to automate many of your habits, it is very important to keep maintenance over all systems: check timers and registrations. Software updates are important for many systems to keep working effectively. 


With expanding technology and various systems available on the market, it makes it very easy to monitor the safety of your family & property without hassle. And now you know how.

You can’t ignore hazards in the safety of your home. If for one second you can imagine how drastic a home invasion is, or even just a simple burglary, then the obvious question to yourself should be, “Am I taking steps to adapt to technology that can create a safe environment within my home?”