Study Table Lamp to Buy in India 2020

Study Table Lamp to Buy in India 2020

A Study table lamp is an essential study accessory that comes extremely handy when you are studying or use your laptop or a personal computer at night when everybody at home is generally sleeping. There are varied types of designs available in the market, such as a USB powered Study table lamp, clamp stands study table lamp, dimming study table lamp, etc. This variety in study table lamps makes the selection a bit cumbersome, and the buyer gets confused about the perfect model to buy for himself.

Nowadays, LED study table lamps are becoming popular. They are cheap. They reduce electricity consumption. This article is written with a motive to enhance awareness about the key features to look for while buying the perfect study table lamp. A bright study table lamp increases work efficiency and will make it easier to focus on the task.

Buying Guide to Choose a Study table lamp in India

A study table lamp specification includes different technical terms and electrical values, which are tough to understand without knowing about them in detail. Many buyers ignore it and just buy the product by focusing on the design or the operation of the product.

Let’s start our hunt for a perfect study table lamp by understanding the essential features to consider while choosing a study table lamp.

Reading the Specifications of Fluorescent and LEDs

LED study table lamps are getting increasingly popular. They produce less heat. They help in the conservation of energy and last for a more extended period. The price of study table lamps has declined recently. Fluorescent study table lamps are the cheapest on the list. These are still the popular choice of buyers.

While buying a study table lamp, we come across a lot of technical terms in the product specification. Four of those terms have primary importance: lm, lx, Ra, and K.

Lumen: lm
The power consumption of LED table lamp is meager as compared to the fluorescent table lamp. So it is impossible to compare the brightness of the two different light sources. Therefore, a lumen (lm) is used to represent the amount of light which is total luminous flux radiated from the light source in all the directions. The value of lm increases with the increase in the brightness of the light source.

Illuminance: lx
The brightness of the area when a lamp is used is known as illuminance. Illuminance is denoted by lux (lx). With the amount of illuminance, the brightness of the space decreases with the increase in the distance between the light source and the brightened area.

The temperature of the color: K
The color temperature changes with the change in the color of the light. It transforms from incandescent to white and daylight white to daylight color. The color temperature is expressed in Kelvin (K). Lower the value of K gives warmer tone of light intensity. On the other hand, a higher K value gives in the white and bright light.

Color Rendition: Ra
The color rendition of light is dependent on the light source. The nature of the light source is called color rendering. If the light source of a lamp is closer to the natural light, then more color rendering will be considered. The color rendering value is also termed as the average color rendering index (Ra). The maximum amount of Ra tends to be 100. If Ra is 80 or more, it will be taken to be the highest natural light source with high color rendering properties. It causes less fatigue in the eyes.

Choosing a Convenient Dimming and Angle Adjustment Feature

The angle adjustment and dimming feature are some of the most popular features of a table lamp. It helps the buyer to adjust light comfortably and conveniently. The dimming feature adjusts the brightness of the torch for reading, working with a laptop, etc. The angle adjustment makes it easier to brighten the area that requires more light

Checking for Installation and Power Supply

The feature to choose the installation method and power supply type of table lamp depends on the environment. The buyer must check the space and usage purpose before the selection of the study table lamp.

Limited Spaces: Clamp Type Study table lamp

If you do not want to occupy a lot of desk space with a study table lamp, go for clamp type. It will be the best choice if we do not have enough space.

Portable Use: USB Power Supply Study table lamp

USB powered table lamp can be attached to a laptop or an electrical outlet with the help of an adapter. The brightness and illuminance of the study table lamp depend on the source of the power output. When a laptop powers the study table, it produces less light, and with an AC adaptor and electrical power, it provides a more robust view. It is easily transported to be used anywhere. This makes it highly portable and useful.

Best Study table lamps to Buy in India

Let’s now check out the best table lamp that will provide adequate brightness and other characteristics to get the best out of it. Please pay attention to the points considered in the above discussion while selecting the perfect study table lamp.

Rrimin USB Flexible Reading LED Light: Clip-on Table Desk Lamp

A flexible table lamp comes with a flexible hose and a long USB cable that is nearly 55.11 inches long. The wire makes working more comfortable and helps connect to the power source. LED light gives a warm white color, best suited for reading at night. Featured a clip design makes it easier to attach to a keyboard or screen. It is the best study table lamp who use laptops at night or while traveling. Adjusting the hose of table lamp may be a bit cumbersome because it is made of low-quality material and sags in the middle during use.

Lucas Bulb Table Lamp: Cordless and Lightweight LED lamp

This table lamp is compact and weighs only 209 grams making it easily portable and perfect during travel. Featured easy-to-push on/off switch at the base is powered by AA batteries. These batteries are readily available in the market. Cordless and light-weighted, a table lamp can be on camping trips and can hop with it to various desks for work or study. It is not economical because the user has to bring batteries, every now and then.

Philips Carl Study table lamp 70048/34/86: Fluorescent lamp with Adjustable Hose

This table lamp uses fluorescent light, which gives calm and gentle radiance to the users. The height of the lamp is adjustable as per convenience. It comes with bluish-white color light at 6500K. It is recommended for reading or office work during the daytime. The adjustable gooseneck can easily be adjusted for convenience and helps direct light as desired. It is a perfect lamp for a bedside table or desk for reading. The switch is placed at the top near to the bulb, making it hot.

ESN 999 5-Watt Table Lamp pp-1269: Space for Holding stationery

Corded table lamp is a multi-utility lamp with a pen/paper holder, making it versatile and saving desk space. It comes with a flexible head that can be moved at various angles for the best results. It produces 300 lm of light at 5 watts. The LED bulb gives dull light for a smooth and comfortable reading experience. The lamp is lightweight, so it can easily break with a slight hand movement if playing kids are around.

Ramsent 1.5-Watt Desk Lamp: 3-level brightness

Plastic built study table lamp, comes with a touch sensor switch used for turning on/off and setting brightness level as desired. Brightness level of light can be set as low, medium or high. It gives the brightness of 90 lm. It is slightly inconvenient to use while studying or working. The lamp works for 8 hours at the lowest brightness level and 4 hours at the most substantial brightness level. The light dims as the battery drains out. It is perfect for reading and traveling.

Power Plus Base 1-Watt PLastic Swan Lamp E125: Dimmer Control feature

It is an ultra-flexible LED Study table lamp that can be adjusted at a desired angle and direction. Features touch-sensitive buttons can be used to turn on/off the light as well as to adjust the brightness of the lamp. It provides the same illumination setting every time it is switched on. You do not have to change. The lamp has dual power supply methods: USB power supply as well as Battery power supply. It produces 60 lumens of light brightness which is not perfect for those who need vigorous intensity for their work or study.

Philips Air 5-Watt LED Desklight 61013: Foldable and Lightweight

The compact and flexible lamp is easily foldable to become a recommendable product as a lamp or for traveling. LED bulb produces 250 lumens of light to offer the cool shade of bluish-white light at 6500K close to the color of natural daylight. Modern design adds charm to the room. It needs less space. It is made of plastic, making it easy to move and carry while traveling.

Velkro Touchswitch Desk Lamp: Powered by USB and Battery supply

A Middle-sized LED Study table lamp with a flexible neck allows itself to be adjusted to the desired angle. This makes it be kept at the bedside table or reading desk for daily use. Featured touch-sensitive on/off switch makes it easier to work. The charging indicator helps to get the information about the charging condition of the lamp. It weighs 281 grams. Powered by both battery and USB power supply, it can be easily carried while traveling without worrying about a power source.

Philips LED Cap Study table lamp: Reduced Eye Strain and Fatigue

It is a perfect study table lamp that helps save energy as well as extremely safe to use. Lamp does not produce thermal emissions like other lamps in this category. It maintains a relaxed atmosphere. It gives color rendering up to 80. The reader can focus on studies with reduced eye fatigue. It ensures no glare or reflection to the eye of the user. It works comfortably for long hours. The lamp gives 450 lumens of brightness and an extended LED bulb’s life. It controls the heat produced by the light.

DP Portable Rechargeable LED Emergency Light 30429: Variable Brightness Setting

Small and light-weighted, study table lamp; it is easily foldable making it a traveler’s choice. It is a battery-operated lamp. The batteries can be easily recharged. The study table lamp is made of plastic making it lightweight. It comes with a brightness setting to choose as desired. Lamp weighs 290 grams. It is considered the best reading light for study tables and during travels. This is the most cost-effective study table lamp.

The Final Word

Our recommended study table lamp list will make it easy for you to make a choice for the best study table lamp for reading and to work. The recommended products will reduce eye strain and have a longer life. Considering brightness, illuminance, and other essential features will help you choose the perfect study table lamp.