Simple Tips & Tricks to Help You Elevate Your Man Cave

Elevate Your Man Cave

We all need a space where we can unwind, store our quirkiest belongings, and enjoy our own company. Thus, the “man cave” was born — so that we could all have our own space.

When you are fortunate enough to have your own space, there can be a lot of pressure to make it pop. More often than not, man caves don’t offer a lot of space to be creative with — so where do you even start?

Furnishing a smaller area can be challenging, especially when it’s supposed to reflect your personality and be a personal haven. The good news is that there are plenty of hacks for furnishing small spaces that will help you make the most of your man cave, regardless of its size.

Buy Furniture Designed for Small Spaces

When you furnish your man cave, opt for smaller furniture instead of large pieces. Fuse ball and ping pong tables may sound like a great idea, but these bulky items will swallow your space whole and make it look like more of a storage room than your haven. 

Here are some trendy, small pieces of furniture that will make your man cave livable and stylish:

  • When you put leather ottomans at your entrance, or anywhere in your space, they can double as a seat as well as a storage space.
  • A sleek but comfortable sofa-bed is an excellent piece for entertaining guests and can also be a sleeping option for yourself or a guest.
  • A 2-in-1 coffee table can function as a regular coffee table and open to store your books, magazines, board games, videogames or extra cushions.
  • An attractive and long sectional will be able to fit into your small space and can function as a bed for when you fancy an afternoon nap 
  • While expensive, a single leather seat can be a sleek but also functional addition to your cave if you plan on inviting people over.
  • Customized shelves can fit in the corners of your space, utilize awkward angles, and give you storage room for your books and other items.
  • Any multi-use storage unit will make the perfect addition to your man cave. You can never have enough storage, especially if you have a family. Your man cave can be a great place to keep things that may not fit in your main areas.

 Use Mirrors to Your Advantage

A man cave doesn’t need to be a dark space, bring some light in! It may seem cliché, but cleverly placed mirrors in your man cave can significantly improve how roomy it looks, and its overall lighting. Place as many mirrors as you can that can reflect your décor and any natural light. A single large mirror across from a window can be enough to create room while a second smaller window on the wall can complete the illusion of extra space.

Pick the Right Colours

Light and happy colours such as shades of white, blue, and green are great for furniture and decorations in your cave because they absorb stressful energy and leave the space feeling roomier and more welcoming.