Signs That You Need To Install New Fiberglass Doors and Windows

fibreglass door and windows

Have you inspected your windows and doors recently? If you haven’t, this could be the best time to check them and know whether they need replacement or repair. The best thing is that these elements will always ‘talk’ to you when there is something that need to be done. If you have installed wood or aluminium windows and doors, you must have seen what issues they cause.

If for the last twenty years you haven’t replaced your wood and aluminium doors and windows, you should be thinking about replacing them now with the best fiberglass entry doors and windows. Fiberglass doors and windows enhance the curb appeal of your home, improve energy efficiency and are more secure. However, old windows may compromise the security and comfort of your home and that is why WindowTech advises you to watch at the following signs to know when you need to replace them. Take a look here.

1. High Energy Bills

If you want to know how much your window is costing you, you can carry some tests to see how efficient it is. The test may be uncomfortable but worth trying. During the cold season, move close to your window and touch. If it feels colder than your house’s interior, it is because it is allowing drafts to pass through.

Replace such windows with those filled with argon gas on the glazing space or those with low emissivity (Low-E) glasses. They prevent heat loss during the cold seasons or heat gain during the hot seasons.

2. Window Operation

Check how your fiberglass doors and windows are operating throughout your house. Testing about how good or bad your windows work is simple. Go around your home, opening and closing all the windows and note if it is smooth or there is some jamming.

Faulty windows will produce screeching sound and will be challenging to open.  If you notice that you are using a lot of pressure while operating them, replace your windows to enhance efficiency.

3. Leaky Fiberglass Doors And Windows And Decaying Frames

When you notice that your windows are beginning to decay and are allowing water to sip in at the same time, the problem is not likely to go away soon. The decaying process becomes accelerated by the accumulation of moisture, making them weaker. A bigger problem is when the moisture makes mold to start growing. It is challenging to get rid of mold and can pose health problems.

You can consider repairing the problem, but it will keep recurring, causing you more expenses than you could have incurred when you replace the window.  Window replacement helps get rid of the mold problem, in cases where mold had started forming.

4. Soundproofing

If you live near a busy area, it is easy for you to get distracted by noise from outside due to different movements. The distraction can make your living uncomfortable. You literally hear everything that moves from very far until it reaches your place. This sound effect is felt when you are using a single-paned window glass.

If you want to feel more comfortable, consider replacing your traditional windows with replacement windows. They minimize sound vibrations, allowing less sound to pass through. As a result, your home becomes soundproof and becomes more comfortable.

5. Condensation

Before you get concerned by condensation on your windows, you should know that not all condensation is dangerous. It depends on which part of the window it is forming. When it occurs on the top part of the window, it should not raise an alarm. However, when it occurs between the glazed glasses, you should consider replacing your fiberglass doors and windows.

Condensation occurring between the glasses is a sign of broken seals that makes your window to allow heat loss and heat gain when they are not supposed to. Their energy efficiency gets damaged, and you can no longer control temperatures in your home naturally. Act on condensation between the window glasses soon before you experience significant problems.

When you see the above signs, consider replacing them with the best fiberglass entry doors and windows.