Reinvent Your Living Room With An Amazing New Coffee Table

New Coffee Table

Your living room is one of the most important rooms in your home. This is where you come to unwind for the day, relax on the weekends, and spend quality time alone, with your partner, or with your kids. Itís where you watch TV and movies, play board games, and read. Itís the focal point of your house when you invite company over. Itís where you celebrate holidays, unwrap presents on Christmas morning, and hide Easter eggs.

Thatís why itís so important that every piece of furniture in your living room is just right. From your sofa to your TV, it all creates a vibe that changes how you feel in your living room. Coffee tables play a decorative and functional role in your living room. You need the right coffee table to feel good about your living room. The next time youíre shopping for coffee tables, consider their sturdiness, material, storage space, and shape to decide whether itís right for your home.


Are you shopping for a coffee table for a more formal setting like a sitting room where you can host colleagues or business partners for dinner parties or formal social events? You can sacrifice stability for form and design. Fragile materials like glass are okay in living rooms like these but should be avoided in everyday living rooms where you and your kids spend much of your time.

Something wide and low is well-adapted for everyday use. Make sure it can handle drinks, snacks, feet up on the table, and wonít get over-turned by the kids playing or the dog getting wound up. Round edges are also preferable if you have small children who can easily bump into sharp corners.


Wood, glass, acrylic, stone, metal from thyssenkrupp, and leather are all popular options for coffee tables. Look around at the other furniture in your living room. In a traditional living room, you canít go wrong with wood. Look for darker wood like oak, maple, mahogany, or pine are all great options. Solid wood can also be refurbished, which means you donít need to worry so much about dents or stains. Leather is a material thatís particularly easy to maintain and could be a very good option for families, as well. Glass, metal, and stone are right at home in more formal living rooms.


In a busy household, the more storage options you have, the better. Many coffee tables come with storage such as a shelf underneath thatís ideal for coffee table books and magazines or drawers where you can stash kidís toys, remote controls, coasters, or just about anything.


The most common coffee table shapes are square, oval, rectangular, and circular. Round tables tend to work well in rooms that are closer to being square than rectangular. Rooms feel larger when thereís a greater difference between their length and width, but rounded tables give you the sense that thereís more room to move. Keep in mind the coffee tableís spatial relation your other furniture. Itís recommended that you keep coffee tables to less than two-thirds the length of your sofa.

Material, stability, storage, and shape are important factors to consider when youíre buying a coffee table.