Quartz solid surface vs laminates: the ultimate comparison

solid surface

It is the 21st century and we are towards the end of a glorious decade. Among the tens and hundreds of innovations the world has seen over the years, one that has been more significant when it comes to home decor and safety is the development of varied surfaces. People now don’t have to rely only on marble and natural stones. There are so many other, more reliable options out there. From quartz solid surfaces to laminates and more, you can have a lot to choose from when you go for a kitchen makeover. So, there is no doubt that a degree of confusion will always be there.

Among the many comparisons you make when buying your favorite surface, one that certainly crosses mind would be which is better, Quartz solid surface or laminates? Are you also troubled by this question? Well, don’t worry, here is a complete rundown of everything you need to know about both the surfaces.

Quartz Solid Surface

Quartz solid surfaces are engineered surfaces designed by mixing natural stone to synthetic under high pressure to make beautiful designs. Although quartz has been present for quite some time in the market, its use as a surface for countertops has only been in recent years. It was years of engineering and scientific work that quartz was formulated into a surface, easy to use at home. Unlike natural stones, quartz surfaces come in varied designs and offer much more reliability and class to homes they are installed in.


Quartz surfaces are equipped with a ton of new features. These range from the strong colorful body that will make your home decor stand to water and bacteria resistance. The maintenance cost of quartz is also very low as you don’t have to bind it together every few years to stop water from touring into the body and damaging it. They surfaced at lighter and come in varied thickness allowing you to arrange your home the way you want it.

Where to buy?

There are several websites and physical stores that offer deals on quartz surfaces. Their pricing is as competitive as natural stones. In other words, if you are confused between natural and quartz, you can go with the latter without a doubt in your mind.


In a much simpler sense, laminates are multiple layers of papers pressed together to give them the roughness they have. The following step follows by gluing the sheet to a wood finish. They are one of the cheaper options present in the market. But what sets them apart from any other kind of surface is the ease of installation. As opposed to quartz, laminates are super easy to install, and people with a little bit of knowledge of working with such surfaces will install laminates comfortably. You can find varied textures and designs in the market of laminates. Simply buy them and install them in your kitchen.


There are varied features of laminates but, the ones that make them a favorite among homes are its lightweight and cost-effectiveness. If you are on a budget but want your home to look classic as any, your simple solution is to go for laminates.

Where to buy?

Laminates are one of the most easily found surfaces in the market. Their low costs allow any and every surface manufacturer and dealer to have numerous options for laminated.

The Verdict

It is simple if you have a good budget you should go for quartz. It is far more superior in design and much more reliable. Although both don’t require any sealing, quartz is much more durable with water and fire than most laminates. If you have a large family that spends most of their time fiddling on the countertop, keeping hot coffee mugs on it, and spilling cold drinks, you should go for quartz. However, if you are on a budget and you know there will be no stress on the countertop surface once you buy them, go for laminates.

Regardless, you need to take good care of any surface you buy. You need to keep it tidy, have regular maintenance, and make sure you install the surface in the best way possible. If you are not equipped to maintain the surface, call up an expert and let them do it. Doesn’t matter if its laminates or quartz. Also, before you buy a surface, check a couple of brands and deals on them. Go for the best deals and optimum quality.