Permanent Marker Stain : How to Remove a Real Tough One

Permanent marker is a tough stain to get treated, probably by nature, as it is taken to be permanent. In case there is a permanent marker on the skin or household surfaces or fabric, there are few things that can be done to get ride of it.

A good result may not always guaranteed every time but the alternative to a ruined object, it may definitely be tried to get the best case scenario. Let’s try few ideas for removing Permanent Marker from :-

  • Non-Porous Surfaces
  • Fabrics
  • Furniture
  • Skin

Removing Permanent Marker From Non-Porous Surfaces

Use alcohol. Get some liquor for yourself. Bourbon just works fine, like 101 proof. A liquor over 80 proof will work best for this.The rubbing alcohol works better than this. Apply rubbing alcohol over a clean towel to use the wet spot for rubbing at the stain of the marker.

Use toothpaste to mix with baking soda. Mix one part baking soda with equal part toothpaste in a small cup. Apply mixture directly to the marker stain. Allow to sit for few minutes. Grab a slightly dampened but clean cloth to rub the mixture over the stain in circular motions. It will take a little more time ad effort, but the stain will definitely come off. The process works especially for removing permanent marker from anything in wood.

Use a magic eraser. A special cleaning pad named magic eraser is designed to remove marker stains from different surfaces. All you require is to wet the magic eraser lightly, and scrub the permanent marker stain using it on the surface.

Use WD-40. WD-40 is a commercial cleaning product which has got multiple uses in the home and office. Spray a layer of WD-40 directly over the marker stain to scrub it using a clean cloth in order to remove the stain.

Use a dry erase marker. A dry erase marker can be used to remove stains from various surfaces and works extremely well on whiteboards due to the fact that they consist of a non-polar solvent. Draw it over the previous marker stain simply with the dry erase marker to wipe off later on.

Use a pencil eraser. It is possible in typical circumstances, to remove a marker stain simply by rubbing it with a pencil eraser.

Use sunscreen. People do claim sunscreen to be an effective solution for removing stains present on non-porous substances. Spray simply or squirt a little bit of sunscreen on the stain. Then, use a clean cloth to rub it over the stain.

Use nail polish remover. Dampen a clean cloth dipped in a little acetone nail polish remover. Use it to scrub the stain of permanent marker clean.

Removing Permanent Marker From Fabrics

Use bleach to remove permanent marker stain of white fabrics. Dilute little bit of bleach in water in accordance with the stain and dip the stained part of the clothing into the just readied liquid. The stain will come off immediately, or might need soaking. If you require to soak the cloth, just keep on eye on the fabric for ensuring the bleach doesn’t start to dissolve it. Once the stain has disappeared, wash the cloth immediately as always.

Use a mixture of milk, borax, vinegar, and lemon juice for satin. Satin fabrics do well with a mixture of one tablespoon each of milk and white vinegar . Put one teaspoon each of borax and lemon juice. Mix the solution in a small porcelain cup, directly apply to the stain and leave it to sit for 10 minutes. Take a dampened and clean sponge to use it to dab and not rub at the fabric till the stain comes away.

Use rubbing alcohol or acetone on strong fabrics. Stains on sturdier fabric like towels and sheets, can be removed with a little bit of acetone or rubbing alcohol. Simply pour a little of either of these liquids onto a clean cotton ball and use this to dab at the stain until it disappears. Wash the items immediately.

Use citrus juice on regular clothing. Citrus juice, such as that from a lemon or lime, can be used to gently remove marker stains from most items of clothing, without fear of bleaching or staining. Simply apply a little of the freshly squeezed juice directly to the stain and dab with a cotton ball or clean cloth until it disappears. For more fragile fabrics, dilute the citrus juice to half strength with water first. Wash the item of clothing immediately.

Use rubbing alcohol or hairspray to remove stains from carpet. Pour rubbing alcohol on to a clean cloth. Dab the cloth over the carpet where there is stain. As with carpet stain, do not rub or you will spread the stain and weaken the fibers. Keep dabbing until the stain lifts off.

Removing Permanent Marker From Furniture

Use an aerosol hairspray on leather upholstery. Spray some aerosol hairspray onto a clean cloth and use this to scrub at the marker stain. You may need to use more hairspray or switch to a cleaner section of the cloth before the stain is fully removed. Once the stain has disappeared, clean off any hairspray residue with a clean, damp cloth and work a little leather conditioner into the furniture.

Use hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol on microfiber upholstery. To clean a marker stain from microfiber upholstery, apply a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to a clean towel and use this to scrub at the stain for 10 15 minutes. Apply a little rubbing alcohol to a towel and scrub the stain for 10 to 15 minutes. Use a clean towel dampened with water to clean off remaining marker. Blot the area dry using a dry towel.

Use Windex, rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover on other furniture. Some other upholstery type will usually respond to stain removal using Windex, rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover. All of these use the same method:

  • Apply a little of your chosen cleaning agent to a clean, dry towel and use it to dab at the stain (not run) until clean.
  • Apply the cleaning agent to a new section of the towel and continue dabbing before the stain comes away.
  • Once the stain has been removed, pat up excess moisture in the fabric using a dry and clean towel.
  • Place the furniture outdoors if possible, to dry completely.

Removing Permanent Marker From Skin

Use alcohol. Try using rubbing alcohol or 80 or 101 proof liquor.

Place a little alcohol on a sponge. Rub it over the stained skin for some time. A faint mark might be there but this will fade after a shower or two.