Patio Heaters: Information to Know Before Buying

What if the winter falls didn’t have to be all about chestnuts barbecuing by the fire and huddling under blankets indoors? What if you may enjoy the frost and family time on the patio? Sound description: that’s what patio heaters are for!

You’ve likely seen this large shrine or mushroom-shaped devices heating your favourite outdoor dining spot, but they’re also great for keeping your outdoor home places warm enough to enjoy throughout the year.

Patio Heaters

A patio heater is precisely what it sounds like—a device to heat the patio. But there’s a much more to them than that, and knowing the entire field before you will ensure you get the excellent heater for your requirements.
Patio heaters can be floor-standing, swinging, wall-mounted, or sit perfectly on a tabletop. They can also have fire pits and chimineas, as both of those can also execute the right quantity of heat to an outdoor space. Heaters regularly come in four modes: natural gas, propane, electric, and wood-burning.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Gas, Propane, Electric, and Wood-Burning Patio Heaters

Each fuel for patio heaters has various pros and cons depending on what you want to use it for. Consider each type as you’re considering your buy to ensure you get the right outdoor space choice.

Natural gas patio heaters are usually determined to make use of natural gas line. Natural gas lights more reliable than wood, and patio heaters of the type are easier to maintain than additional choices. However, because they’re connected to a natural gas line, they should be professionally fitted and are generally more expensive upfront. They are less portable than other models because they need to be attached to a gas line.

Propane patio heaters are a great substitute as they heat fast and can be easily transferred from one place on the patio to another. Propane tanks are more costly than natural gas and tanks do need replacement. They are also frequently not recommended for covered spaces, though you should always advise the manufacturer’s instructions to check.

Electric patio heaters are easy to use, moderately portable, and safe to use in confined spaces. However, electric patio heaters may require more in the long run for electrical rates, and have to be placed close to an outlet. Electrical patio heaters may also be more reluctant to heat up than some other styles, but that depends somewhat on the individual heater.

Wood-burning patio heaters, fire abysses, and chimineas are the most affordable options. The trade-off is more regular maintenance, as ash and coals should be washed out frequently. They are also harder to light and generate sparks and embers, unsafe if left desolate.

How Many Patio Heaters Required

For a small home patio, the single heater will typically be sufficient to heat the space to a moderate degree. But if you have a larger area or an accurate temperature you want to stretch, you’ll need to do short math.

To start with, patio heater output is measured in British Thermal Units or BTUs. One BTU contains the energy needed to heat or chill one pound of water by one degree at sea level. You’ll likely get patio heaters with an output of BTUs in the thousands.

In upper reaches of World, the ordinary January temperature is around 42 degrees Fahrenheit. If we require to warm it up to a cosy 70 degrees, that’s a 28-degree difference. Let’s say our patio is a comfortable 32 feet by 50 feet, and we want to heat it to about six feet in the air which is9600 cubic feet, multiplied by a 28-degree rise in temperature, to get the total 268,800 BTUs to get heating to our space.

How many heaters you require depends on how big your patio is, how much of it you want to heat, and how much you want to heat it. Be assured to measure for all three variables to ensure your heaters are powerful enough to heat your space!

Patio Heater Vs Fire Pit: Which is Better?

Technically speaking, a fire abyss can be a kind of patio heater. However, many people want to weigh a regular fire pit against a patio heater when deciding to serve several primary and aesthetic gatherings.

Natural gas and propane torch cleaner fire produce no smoke or odour to feel more environmentally friendly. However, they are not ecologically neutral—like any electric, propane, or natural gas device, they still consume energy and potentially produce carbon dioxide. If you’re concerned about your patio heater’s environmental impact, limit your use to when it’s most necessary and ensure that you follow all instructions.

A patio heater is an excellent addition to any outdoor space—more heat means you can keep experiencing the great outdoors year-round. Don’t let the cold chase you within before you’re ready; get yourself a heating benefit and maximize your outdoor space even as the weather gets chilly.

The above criteria are very well adapted by Terra Hiker 48,000 BTUs Outdoor Patio Heater which is rust-proof propane heater on wheels. It has stainless steel body to be user at Deck, Cafe, & Restaurant. Terra Hiker is a ETL Certified and was founded in 2016. It is original outdoor sports equipment online E-commerce company. They have extended to outdoor & indoor sports equipment lines with dedicated supply of reliable sports equipment at a reasonable price around the world.

Let us now check the details of the specifications of Terra Hiker 48,000 BTUs Outdoor Patio Heater which is currently available on deal price worth $199.

Concentractive Heating Up To 269 Sq.: With an efficient heating system, this patio heater outputs a powerful 48,000 BTUs of heat, heating a significant area of up to 269 sq. ft. and providing warmth for up to 8-14 people. Thanks to the fuel-saving feature, that allows a 20 lbs. propane tank burns for up to 12-30 hours. A sizeable 30-inch diameter reflector ensures well-concentrated heat output. Enjoy the great outdoors, even during cold winter days and nights.

Durable Stainless Steel & Rust-Proof: This outdoor patio heater can effectively resist the erosion against from sun, rain, snow or dust with the stainless-steel housing and burner. Metal structure support builds to last. Approved by the ETL, the heater combines premium quality and reliable performance. When properly cared for, it will provide years of rugged, trouble-free performance.

Auto-Shutoff Safety Protection & Tilt Protection: Terra Hiker propane heater features an automatic shut-off tilt valve to enhance safety with anchoring arms and pins are provided to fix the base into the ground for more stability.

Piezoelectric Ignition, Start-Up in One Second: Simply pressing down the igniter to light the fire up. And the control knob allows for low to high-temperature adjustment. It’s very friendly to the elderly and lady. Once the heater is started, it will offer warmth for you without waiting in the cold wind.

Easy Installation: This outdoor space heater has complete spare parts, and all the mounting holes are made. You only need to follow the instructions. Built-in wheels allow for effortless moves whenever required.

Suitable For Home & Commercial Use: This portable outdoor patio heater is not only absolute for gardens, but also ideal for gazebos, patios, streets, parks, fishing areas, balconies, or other outdoor living spaces. It can be used in any outdoor conditions as long as the top and the sides have enough safety clearance of 3 feet.

It will definitely be considered one of your Best Deals for Life. Go and buy one for you and your loved ones to enjoy the Winters.