Myths and Facts, You Should Know of Juicing


Juices are good for health when it is made without missing its nutrients. So, it is important to select one of the best juicers for juicing purpose. Fortunately, now you have cold-pressed juicer. This juicer has a unique way of extracting juice. Unlike other models, cold-pressed juicer produces less heat and extracts juice by first crushing the fruits and vegetables to keep more of the nutrients. There are a large number of myths associated with the concept of juicing but those are not true. Some of them have been mentioned as follows:

Myth – Juice has no fibre – Debunked: This states that there is no fibre content in the juices. Fibres are of 2 types- soluble and insoluble. Juicing helps to take out the most of it from the insoluble part whereas, the soluble part is not touched. The soluble part acts like a sponge and absorbs water in it and helps in avoiding bacterial growth.

Myth – A lot of sugar- Debunked: It all depends upon what we are juicing. The 80-20 rule must be followed from vegetables and fruits. Some sugary fruits offer huge benefits in their own form. The adults and the patients of diabetes must be aware of the contents they use in the whole process of juicing.

Myth – No concept of detox- Debunked: The human body does the function of detoxing automatically, but human behaviour disturbs this process. Numerous vegetables help in increasing the enzymes, which lead to detoxification. Eating and juicing such vegetables helps the people to live a healthy lifestyle.

Myth -There are no proven benefits- Debunked: Some people are of the belief that there are no proven benefits of the juicing. But, in reality, there are many health benefits associated with the juicing like beetroot juice helps in lowering blood pressure levels and even helps the patients to cure fast. There are many people who have changed their lives with the help of juices.

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Myth -Does not contain enough protein- Debunked: People also believe that the juices do not contain the required amounts of protein. But all those who are more conscious can add various natural things like hemp seeds, etc. in order to make the thing protein rich. Even the juices cause no protein deficiency in adults who have a habit of drinking juice.

Myth -People believe that nutrients are in peel and not in juice- Debunked: Many people are of the viewpoint that all the nutrients are there in the peel and not in the juice. Nutrients like magnesium are lost during the process of juicing. But still the benefits associated with the juices win the race.

Myth -Eating fruits is better than juice- Debunked s: People also believe that eating fruits is better than consuming juices. The main factor is to consume the plants. But both of them have their own benefits and cannot be ignored.

Myth -Can cause loss of hair- Debunked: Consuming juices can even cause loss of hair. This may happen when people restrict so much to dieting and consume only juice that too for a long time and nothing else, then such cases may happen. 

Thus, everyone likes juice and prefers the homemade ones. All juices have some or the other nutrients, which are very much essential for our body.

Image credit: juicing via Proxima Studio/shutterstock