Marriage Gifts to Buy in India Wedding Season 2020

Marriage Gifts to Buy in India 2020

There is no off-season for weddings, never take a break in our country.
There are two types of guests attending a wedding.

The typical guest loves presenting the newlyweds with cash so that the newlyweds can buy what they want for themselves according to their needs.

The second type of guest is those who love to buy wedding gifts for the newlyweds themselves and interestingly get to the big shops to buy a present for the love birds, which they think might be useful for their newly built nest.

Choosing a wedding gift, especially a commendable one, can be extraordinarily painstaking, as the choices available are almost unlimited and vary according to the living standards and family status.

In this article, we will try to help you go through a series of best wedding gifts in India, with all the related information about how to choose the best marriage gifts for the newlywed love birds.

There are many gifts you can buy for the new weds. To ease up the process, we will categorize the gifts into three categories

  • Home Appliances
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Beauty

It will help you to choose from the vast options of gifts.

Buying Guide for Best Marriage Gifts in India 2020

Wedding gifts prove to be extremely helpful for the couples who are just into their marital bonds. If chosen carefully, they surely enhance the level of relationship of the giver with the taker of the wedding gift. It symbolizes how closely the two parties know each other and shares a great bond.

While going on a shopping spree for the marriage gifts, you should keep the following criteria in mind.

Utility of the Marriage Gift

Whether a marriage gift is useful for the newlywed. The most criteria to ponder while buying for a present should be what the newlywed couple would require to start a life together. The best way to do this. Just go and ask the closest relatives and friends of the couple-to-be. It will help you check what would be particularly useful for them.

Cost of the Marriage Gift

If the Gift is expensive, do not shy to ask others about it to make sure about getting in doubles. It is also an extremely hassled situation for the newlyweds to go and exchange it afterward, too. In addition to this, it should be made sure that the marriage gift should not only be unique, but also it should be according to the taste and lifestyle of the couple.

Avoid Marriage Gifts that can Easily Break

Another essential aspect that you should think about is the delicacy and brittleness of the gifts. They should not break while transportation from the wedding venue to the home. It would be loss for the couple. It might also potentially injure somebody It may ruin your friend’s wedding day.

Glass must be Avoided

In addition to this the mirrors and glasses when broken are considered inauspicious We’re pretty sure you definitely not want to be the one who has to hear long speeches from aunties and uncles about how your gift could bring several years of bad luck.

Budget depends on Relationship

The budget haunts us all when it comes to buying a gift. If you want to have strict control over it, you can fix it by making a minimum and maximum limit for the purchase. By this, you won’t end up breaking your bank account if you’re not so familiar and close to the couple. The budget might come around from Rs.2,500 to Rs.3,000. It would be considered reasonable. But in case you are too friendly with the newlywed couple, then you can adjust according to your finances between Rs.5,000 to Rs.10,000.

Cost Sharing for Gifts

There is another way out to save on the budget and still giving a well-priced gift. For this, you can try to share the costs. You can share with friends or relatives and get an expensive yet budgeted for all presents for the couple. It can be done by first selecting a costly gift and sharing the cost evenly between the participants. But it must be cleared in the initial stage that how much everybody is going to pay while purchasing the gift. It will also help you decide about the presentation of the present.

Best Wedding Gifts in India in Home Appliances

Let us first start with the home appliances category.

Modern days see a newlywed couple living independently, in their apartments, majorly working in different offices. They would naturally appreciate home appliances as gifts. Firstly, devices to improve the quality of life are quite expensive. Secondly, they help in the fast-paced daily life of urban class couples. These gifts are costly, so it is, therefore, best to share the cost and give them to close and best friends.

Sony HT-RT3 Sound Bar Home Theatre System

  • Perfect for Movie Buffs
  • People who Love Nights in with Netflix
  • Perfect home theatre system
  • Exclusively for people who are too lazy to go to the cinema
  • Love to watch favorite movies in complete theatre-like experience
  • Love the comfort of their homes
  • Incredible experience
  • Works best for rooms up to 20 by 15 feet
  • App on Android devices for remote access
  • Clear audio quality with no distortion even at high volumes
  • Pretty expensive gift
  • Better to share the cost among a group of friends to make it a collective gift

Honeywell HAC25M 1201W 53-Watt Room Air Purifier

  • Great for living in Areas with High Levels of Air Pollution
  • Takes about 40 to 50 minutes for cleaning air in a 300 sq ft room
  • Very light weighted
  • Easy to carry
  • Works through frequent voltage fluctuations without any problem
  • Special night mode noiseless working while you sleep
  • LEDs to indicate exact quality of the air of the room
  • Easy to clean filters
  • Hassle-free working
  • Pretty expensive gift
  • Better to share the cost among a group of 2-3 friends to make it a collective gift

Tesco Cloud Mist and Air Humidifier with Aroma Diffuser

  • Best Gift who Love Making their Homes Smell as a Spa
  • Ultrasonic aroma diffuser
  • Adjustable levels of aroma, mist, and light
  • Nice for smaller spaces, as well as bigger ones
  • Turns off automatically when no water left
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Remote controlled
  • Gift is not too expensive
  • Perfect Budget Gift

Best Marriage Gifts in India in Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances are the best marriage gifts for foodies who, as a couple, love to date around the food rather than beautiful locales. Kitchen Appliances as gifts fall under the slightly highly-priced category, so it is recommended to share the cost among a group of 2-3 friends to make it a collective gift for a close friend.

Havells Prolife Digi 1230-Watt 4L Air Fryer

  • Great for Couples who love Healthy food, but Cannot Live without Fried Food
  • Enjoy favorite fried foods
  • No worrying about health
  • Digital screen with soft-touch buttons
  • Convenient to use models
  • Not large or bulky
  • Don’t need a lot of space in the kitchen
  • Easy to clean
  • It is recommended to share the cost among a group of 2-3 friends to make it a collective gift for a close friend.

Sharp 600W Table-Top Bread Maker

  • Best Gift for Couples Loving Freshly Baked Goods
  • Couple who Too Busy to Bake will love bread maker
  • Perfect marriage gift for complete beginners
  • Multiple settings for baking various kinds of items
  • Performs essential functions like kneading
  • Less time consuming once added all the necessary ingredients to the bowl
  • Hassle-free baking
  • Bit expensive
  • It is recommended to share the cost among a group of 2-3 friends to make it a collective gift for a close friend

Panasonic MX-AC400 550-Watt 4-Jar Super Mixer Grinder

  • Perfect for Regular Chutneys, Juices, and Masala Makers
  • Perfect gift with mixer and grinder
  • Works well as both a wet and dry grinder
  • Wonderful for making dry spice powders like chili powder or cumin powder and Wet masalas like bhuna masala
  • Comes with three stainless steel jars and a plastic blender jar
  • Run hands-free
  • Safety locks on the lids to ensure the contents
  • No-spill working
  • Considerably quiet working
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Not too expensive
  • Need not to share the cost

Best Wedding Gifts in India in Beauty Picks

Beauty Picks category is more affordable compared to the previous types. Although it is the best marriage gift, it not considered for close friends or relatives. It can be given as extra small presents for really close friends. Beauty picks in the category is taken gender-neutral to suit both partners in newlywed couples. Fragrance depend on personal preferences

The Body Shop Green Tea Gift Fuji Set

  • Cruelty-Free Bath Products
  • Energizing Scent
  • Keep the Skin Hydrated
  • Fresh citrus-like fragrances
  • Rejuvenating set contains a bar soap, a shower gel, a body scrub, and a body butter
  • Products are mild
  • Work exceptionally well during winter
  • Good for drier and sensitive skin
  • Bar soap, and shower gel do not take away the moisture of the skin
  • Scrub is the great exfoliating agent and helps to remove dead skin cells
  • Body butter hydrates the skin by keeping it soft and glowing
  • Size of the products small
  • Very useful and goes a long way
  • Does not run out quickly

Kama Ayurveda Rose Essential Gift Box

  • Ayurvedic Bath and Face Products
  • Rose Scented
  • Balance the Skin’s pH Levels
  • Safest product
  • Set contains both bath products and face products
  • Makes sure the skin looks bright and young
  • Ayurvedic
  • All-natural
  • Best for dry and rough skin
  • Soap bar is most loved products in the set
  • Slightly more expensive
  • Quantity and quality is worth paying

Forest Essentials Facial Indulgence Gift Box

  • Ayurvedic Face Products
  • Traditional Indian Scents Makes the Skin Glow
  • Set of ayurvedic facial products
  • Best gift sets in the market
  • Feel the luxuriousness of the products
  • Available in sandalwood and rose variants
  • Quite strong smell
  • Keeps you scented for a while
  • All the products fight dull, and dry skin
  • Cleanser and Scrub make the skin glow from the first use
  • Sunscreen, a bottle of rose water, a face cream, and a lip balm are lovely to use
  • Makes you feel relaxed
  • Help relieve stress after busy marriage schedule


Weddings are no doubt stressful time for both the newlyweds, friends, and relatives. Selecting the best marriage gift is one of the reasons. Markets are flooded with a multitude of options making it extremely difficult to choose the best marriage gift. We now think the above list of best marriage gifts will definitely come as a rescue for all of you.