Making a House Your Home the Modern Way

Making a House Your Home

Regardless of whether you’re looking to buy a new house or want to bring your current house up to date to feel more like a home in the modern world, to use the contemporary adage, there’s an app for that. Our smartphones and laptops connect to a tremendous range of applications and platforms that make the whole process of turning a house into a home effortless and streamlined.

So, we’re looking at the most modern, internet-connected ways that you can modernize the whole house-getting and home-making experience.

The Most Cumbersome Part of the Process Done in Just Five Days

Easily the most longwinded part of making your home is the very first step: getting a house. Mortgages are notoriously tedious, which is why the online mortgage in principle Trussle has become so appealing to house hunters. Easily the most appealing part of it is their five-day Speed Promise.

With this promise, the online broker will get a decision on your mortgage within five days. If this can’t be achieved for whatever reason, they’ll pay you a lump sum. As the platform offers help to all kinds of buyers, from first-timers to those remortgaging, the online service can help just about anyone take a step towards getting the house that will become a home.

See How the Wallpaper Will Really Look in Your House

To make your house a home, you’ve got to decorate. This means picking color schemes, accents, ornaments, and, perhaps most challengingly, wallpaper. Wallpaper is notoriously difficult to envisage how it will look on a wall. After all, you can only really take an A4-sized rip as a sample before you teeter on theft.

For this reason, luxury wallpaper creators Graham & Brown made a decorating app that utilizes augmented reality to show you how their wallpapers and paints will look in your house. Available on Apple devices, it scans your surfaces and lets you drag and drop wallpapers for testing, as well as cut and paste sections to frame the wallpaper around doors or home décor.

Know That Your Home Is Secure Wherever You Are

With your front door keys and the decorating done, you’ll feel much more like you’re living in a home. So, the next thing that you’ll likely want to do is keep it safe. Nowadays, with Wi-Fi in every house as a standard, the best way to protect your home is via internet-connected security hardware.

From the breakout product that is the Ring Doorbell to their whole security range, Ring is certainly the leading name in smart home security. With video doorbells, you’ll get alerts and live footage sent to you when the motion sensors are triggered. You can also get security cameras that work in a similar way but with light fixings. They also have the Ring Alarm, which anchors your whole smart security set-up from a dial pad.

Become the modern homeowner by seeing if any of these convenient, tech-savvy ways of making a house into your home suit your needs.