List of Best Tools for Homeowners


So here are all the tools you will be needing to get started with making things on your own. You just need to go ahead with eagerness to learn. Keep in mind to take good care of your tools so that they last a long time.

Working on stuff around your house sounds interesting, right? It’s good to be efficient with your hands and be able to build stuff you need in your house. Here are a few tools that you must have in your bag to be ready to set off.

Before you set off buying tools, I would recommend buying the best tools within your budget as most of these tools will be a one-time investment, and if taken care of properly, they will last a long time. 

Oscillating multi-tool: If there’s one tool that will make your life a whole lot easier, it’s the oscillating multi-tool. It’s versatile and allows you to saw, sand, make holes, and plunge with just one tool. All you need is a good set of oscillating multi tool blades, and you will have a tool that not only helps a lot but also looks the most spruce.

Toolbox: This might sound unnecessary, but you need a toolbox to keep your tools organized. It is quite important to keep your tools at hand so that you can get what you need without having to look everywhere. 

Hammer: Buying a good hammer is important. A hammer is needed almost everywhere. If you need to make anything with wood, whether a doghouse for your mastiff or maybe a bookshelf to keep your favorite books, this is a must-have tool. 

Drill: Cordless drills are another great addition to the toolkit. They are powerful, efficient, and portable. Drills are mostly used for making round holes and driving screws. My recommendation is to buy one which comes with a cool-looking box for the bits. 

Tape Measure: A tape measure will be needed for a lot of things, and if you are really enthusiastic about DIY, you’ll find yourself reaching out for it from time to time. Be it finding out your own height or using it in your other projects, and a 25-foot tape will serve most of your needs. 

Screwdriver: Screwdrivers are needed for a variety of purposes. From fastening a bolt to just dismantling things or maybe simply to open a tin can, you’ll find yourself in need of a screwdriver. I’ll recommend you to get an electrical one. It’s well-insulated, serves all the needs of a normal screwdriver, and will also help you if you ever decide to work with wires. 

Utility knife

Utility knife: A utility knife is used for various utilities. Cutting, scraping, opening things, and even cooking, an all-purpose knife is quite a handy tool.

Pliers: Pliers are quite handy tools. They are mainly used as clamps or for cutting wires. Pliers are also used for twisting the wire ends to make connections.

Wrench: A wrench or spanner is used for grip and for driving nuts and bolts. It’s quite useful to tighten hexagonal screws.