Latest Trends and Decorating Ideas in Virtual Room Designing

Virtual Room Designing

Are you planning a home makeover? It is now easy to design a 3D room and find how each piece appears in the space. Whether you want to redecorate an old home or wish to design a new home, the latest home decorating ideas in a virtual room design will help you a lot. A virtual room design tool may be used online to design a new home or a new room.

With the virtual planner, you learn how to redesign a room, built a floor plan, what wall colors to choose, and indeed, you may even take a virtual tour in your modern bedroom, kitchen and living room to decorate it. When it comes to virtual room designing, everything matters whether it is doors and window placement or the size and orientation. There was a time when you only had an option to create the sketch of your dream home on a piece of paper and see how things will appear. But, today you can use such tools that automatically create a replicated 3-dimensional environment, and then you may put yourself in to gain the sense of scale.

With the advancement of technology, you can easily learn about the interior design and decoration trends of 2019. Follow this section closely to know about the latest trends and decorating ideas in a virtual room design. Try out these design trends while using virtual room designer and conceptualize an ideal room set up. Gone are the days when Nordic style was popular. Stick to the modern style of the 20th century.

Some popular interior design trends of the year 2019:

•     In the year 2019, the warm and earthy color will be used in abundance. It replaces the minimalist color pallets of previous years. Red, emerald green and forest green would be used for decorative accents. Try and experiment with colors to see how a mix of peach, terracotta, rose with green would appear. Use green in the right amount.

•     In Kitchens, marble is a dominant material. The appearance will be further discreet with the use of brown and green marbles instead of Carrara. For that sophisticated and contemporary look, homeowners can go for an all-black kitchen. Use black shade for the kitchen sink, metal, painted wood and stone elements.

•     When it comes to room design and décor, the preferred shapes are geometric and organic, whereby within geometric designs there is the use of stripes, while in organic forms we have several curved armchairs, watercolor hand-painted wallpapers. The use of curved sofas is more predominant now with soft fillings. The fabric upholstery is a dominant trend. Velvet, terrazzo, copper objects, lamps, tables, colorful vases, glazed ceramics are dominant items. Customize your space with the use of a virtual room design tool. It will give you an interactive interior designing experience where you can design the layout of the space.

•     Terracotta tiles for walls and floors will replace all the cold materials. Walls and floors will have a neutral matt finish, and chimney, wall claddings would be used. To invite warmth to the space, the cork will be used. Cork is popular for the sound insulation feature.

•     If you are planning to upgrade your headboard, then go for upholstered headboard and replace those wooden headboards. Recently upholstered headboards gain a lot of popularity among those who want to create luxury homes. Add elements of velvet to add glamour to a space.

•     Are you looking to create a comfortable relaxation corner? You can create those wonderful relaxation corners that are detached from computers, mobile phones, and televisions. A small indoor garden at the corner is creating a lot of buzz among the homeowners and interior designers alike. You can have a sofa placed close to this indoor garden and build contacts with plants.

•     Now is the trend to use industrial-looking metal which is fast replacing bronze, copper, and gold. Burnished metals and black steel are gaining a lot of ground, while silver, brass and polished nickel are making a comeback. Appliances in black stainless steel are very much trending. They look stylish, sophisticated and blends with almost all kinds of interior décor.

•     To add an element of interest to a room, go for natural materials like wicker, mud and wood and avoid the use of marble. Marble is cold and not as appealing as natural wood. Rattan and cane have a natural texture which creates really interesting zones.

•     The use of dark wood furniture is more common in modern homes

•     The large, spacious, multifunctional environment is no more popular. Modern homeowners like private spaces for the living room, kitchen and dining areas. If the dining area, kitchen, and living room are combined, there may be a problem with the smell of food spreading to different areas of the house, and also it can cause problems in the acoustics of the home.

•    There is now a shift from the use of large tiles to the smaller ones. The size of the tiles used for coating the kitchen or bathroom is reducing.

•    You can certainly transform the look, appeal and aesthetics of a room with proper wallpapers. Modern homeowners love to incorporate wallpapers that appear real work of art. Wallpapers with watercolor brush strokes are trending

•    To add a distinct personality to a living area, embellish that with worn parts. Decorate with worn-looking items to add style and personality to the room.

•   The homes designed in Vintage style décor are still popular. Art elements and decorative pieces, classic furniture with contemporary materials will be part of modern home interior.

•   Geometric prints are used for cushions, curtains and beddings

•   Modern living rooms will be featuring unusual decoration and plenty of natural light. Use fresh and neutral shades since they are trending at present. The use of natural shades can create a sense of spaciousness. The use of two to three earthy colors with elements of green color is gaining popularity. This trend will follow in the year 2019 as well. Speaking of light, use some creative lighting that goes with the theme of the room. There are different kinds of lighting products that cover the modern home decor needs really well. Just like Floately. Floately is a series of products with creative lighting ideas and levitation concepts. It delivers class leading products to all corners of the globe, with the goal of sharing light to everyone around us with magnetic lamp.

Minimalist Style: The Slogan of 2019 Interior Designing

To make a room more stylish and elegant, avoid filling it up with too much furniture or accessories. Stick to the minimalist design to add a wow factor to the space. With the minimalist style, you can create beautiful, nice and cozy environment. Choose the right sofa, the right cupboards, right paintings for it is the basic criteria for creating an updated modern room.

So, you can follow all the latest home design and decoration trends given in this section. With the virtual room planner, see how the particular wall color blends with your interior and then make a choice. With the tool, it is possible to see how the room will appear after the final remodeling task. A modern homeowner can envision the characteristics of the freshly designed room and that too online. Accordingly, you can make choices of cabinets, furniture, fixtures and accessories.

Image Credits: Virtual Room Designing from ArchiVIZ/Shutterstock