Is let flooring better than Laminate Flooring?


Over the last few years flooring styles have evolved massively, at present if you go to the markets you will see a wide variety of flooring styles, types, textures and patterns. People also choose floorings according to the theme of their home, sometimes they choose flooring that will have high durability and will last for many years. When you are choosing flooring for your home, you should know that there are specific flooring types that can get damaged by water and that is why you must avoid those floorings for your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room. 

But if you want a flooring type that is waterproof and also gives you an amazing style then you can check out LVT flooring or laminate flooring. At present, these two floorings are holding a strong ground that provides not just look but also durability. 

After learning about the benefits of both these flooring you might want to install them in your home. But now the question is which among these two flooring you should choose and will be beneficial for you? If you are in this confusion, then not to worry, just read our blog post to get your answer. In the below section we have provided a broad analysis that states which flooring is better LVT or laminate. 

Therefore, without any further delay let us start by understanding whether LVT flooring is better than laminate flooring or not.  

LVT flooring vs. Laminate flooring

In this section we have discussed the difference between LVT flooring and Laminate flooring so that you can understand which is better and can choose easily for your home.

The first and foremost thing that you must know is that, LVT flooring stands for Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), these are planks that you put on the floorings of your house. LVT flooring provides you the look of real hardwood floors. Yes, you have heard right, you can get the look of hardwood flooring within your budget with the help of this flooring. LVT flooring is durable and can last upto many years, since it is water resistant you can also put this flooring in your kitchen. 

LVT flooring is composed of plastic that has an image of wood on the surface and this is where this particular flooring takes a backseat. If you wonder why? Then you need to understand that laminate wood flooring is made from real wood timber such as pine and other wood types. Laminate flooring also has a protective layer over the image. And that is why you just don’t get the look of a natural hardwood flooring but also the feel of it.

Laminate flooring can be used in every space of your home including, kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. Laminate flooring is much more realistic than LVT flooring. Alongside of that laminate flooring also has the composition of crude oil whereas, LVT flooring is purely made from plastic. Therefore, laminate flooring is a more eco-friendly product than LVT flooring. 

The bottom line

If you think about our planet and want to protect our environment we would highly suggest you choose laminate flooring. Else, LVT flooring is a great option that fit your budget perfectly.