Is Duct Cleaning Mississauga Worth It?

Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning Mississauga companies and professional HVAC installers give different advice and opinions on cleaning the ductwork system. A duct cleaning company will make you believe how your ductwork cannot survive without being cleaned and how the cleaning will help lower your power bills.

On the other hand, HVAC professional installers will be against duct cleaning Mississauga, saying that it will not change energy efficiency. Well, what is the truth, and can we find a common ground concerning this matter? The decision of whether or not to clean your ductwork might be hard to make, especially if there are signs your HVAC system needs to be cleaned.

  1. So, Should I, Or Should I Not Clean The Ductwork?

If you notice dust or mold in or on your HVAC system, chances are the air you breathe is contaminated. Breathing contaminated air makes the home uncomfortable for almost everyone and even worse for people with allergies and asthma. Air with mold particles can lead to allergies and other complications.

Sometimes insects find their way into the ductwork, and some leave their droppings there and die, leaving you to breathe air with odor. HVAC specialists are against the cleaning process because they believe that it harms the system more than doing it well. Some complain that some cleaning companies are not thorough, which awakens dust and leads to a bigger problem than what was before.

Others could tamper with the ductwork, causing damages that are hard and expensive to repair. Breathing air passing through damaged ductwork is worse than breathing air with dust contamination.

Another reason ductwork specialists are against the process is that they believe that the duct surfaces and filters trap all the dust that enters the system, so it does not get into the living space, contrary to what the cleaning will tell you.

If there is mold around the HVAC system, your evaporator coils in the cooling system could be faulty. This causes moisture that creates an environment for mold to grow. This problem can be dealt with by repairing the coils and ensuring there is no chance for moisture formation around the duct. If you do the duct cleaning Mississauga without treating the problem first, it will keep reoccurring, and you will keep cleaning the mold without seeing positive results.

  1. Control Causes Of The Contaminants

The most common contaminant in the HVAC system is dust. You can control this by cleaning your house regularly. There will be no dust to build upon the system, and you will not get a reason to consider contacting a cleaning company.

During renovations, you can cover your system to ensure dust does not rest on it. If you notice mold around the ductwork, call a professional installer to check what the problem could be. Fixing faulty parts will deal with the issue of mold once and for all.

 If the mold had extended into the HVAC, the cleaner would use special detergents to ensure there won’t be chances or another growth. Ensure you read the chemical compounds of the detergents to ensure they won’t cause allergic reactions to your family members.

Change your air filters after three months to ensure they are efficient in their work. You can get these at your local retailers. Ensure you consult your installer to know the best air filters for your system.

  1. Duct Cleaning Does Not Save Energy

One of the points air duct cleaners convince homeowners to clean their systems with is saving on energy. They relate this with how dirty air ducts reduce the machine’s efficiency, causing more energy use.

However, an HVAC expert will tell you that Mississauga duct cleaning doesn’t contribute anything to saving energy. This is because most of the wasted energy on the equipment is caused by different factors like damages to the system, poor insulation, failing windows and doors, and unsealed ductwork.

The benefit you get from carrying out duct cleaning Mississauga is not so significant, and if you are looking for more energy efficiency, you might not get it because dust is not a significant reason your energy bills are high.

Probably, you would want to turn your search for what is causing increased energy bills to your damaged doors and windows and repair or replace them.