Interior design apps to guide your design overhaul

If youíre planning some home improvements this year it can be tricky to know where to start. But the good news is that technology is making it easier than ever to refresh and redesign your home. 

Whether youíre seeking innovative ideas, dťcor inspiration or more practical help with planning the layout of your chosen room, thereís now an app or website that will help.

Hereís a quick round up of the best interior design apps to guide your home renovations.

  1. Instagram. Itís an obvious one but absolutely essential for anyone seeking home design inspiration. From colour schemes to room layouts, Instagram makes it easy to peep into other peopleís homes and steal their best ideas. Follow interior designers or search #renovations to see lots of before and after shots of real homes.†
  2. Houzz.This appis really popularworldwide and brings together everything you need from inspiring photos and articles through to recommendations for home improvement professionals. You can also browse furniture and other products and see how they would look in your own home via your phoneís camera. Thereís even a chat room to discuss your project with other Houzz users.†
  3. Planner 5D. Planner 5D is the most extensive free room-design app on the market. Itís easy to design rooms down to the smallest details, including windows and stairs. Itís ideal for planning the layout of your chosen room. You can also get inspiration from the appís gallery, where you can explore designs and layouts created by other virtual room designers.
  4. wikiHow. There are lots of renovation jobs that you can tackle yourself with the right advice. wikiHow gives you 150,000 how to guides in the palm of your hand. Whether you want to wall-mount an LCD TV or tile your bathroom, the app gives you step by step guides with clear illustrations. Youíll be amazed at how simple some tasks are, saving you a fortune in hiring in professionals.
  5. Design Home.†

OK, this one is actually a game for budding interior designers but 14,000 players canít be wrong! A great way to spend time once youíve completed your real-life home update.

Another great place to browse and explore as part of your home renovation journey is Pad. While itís not an app just yet, itís ideal when youíre looking for stylish yet cost effective homewares from lighting and mirrors to radiators. There are also useful buying guides to help you make the right decisions about the items you want to purchase. 

With all these innovative solutions itís a breeze to plan and achieve spectacular new rooms. We canít wait to see what you come up with.