How to Select the Best Pet Vacuum Cleaner

best pet hair vacuum cleaner

Staying ahead of the grit, pet hair, dander, dust, and lint in your home can, quite literally, suck. Thus, it’s essential that you get a vacuum system that works for you and your space. Since an excellent machine will cost you at least $250, you need to approach the vacuum cleaner business with a clear head.

That said, there are numerous brands, and with advances in technology, the number of high-quality systems out there is on the rise. Therefore, you can be confused about which vacuum system will help you with your pet hair issues.

Well, lucky for you, here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the perfect vacuum cleaners’ market when it comes to clearing out pet dander. You also get to know how to go by selecting the best vacuum for your pet hair problem.

Shop Smart Today and Get Your Home the Perfect Pet Hair Vacuum System

Here are some of these essential factors you need to consider when shopping for a vac:

#01. The Vacuum Cleaner’s Performance

You can choose a vacuum system based on the place you’re going to use it. An upright vacuum cleaner is ideal if you have carpeted floors, and it’s especially perfect for dealing with pet hair.

A canister vac, on the other hand, is more effective for hard floors and fewer carpets. Handheld vacuum cleaners are perfect if you want to clean surfaces like tight spaces, your upholstery your car, or worktops.

If you have a hardwood floor, you need to take a vacuum system with different cleaning action. Nowadays, most upright vacuum cleaners offer you the option of turning off brushes. If you need to clean both surfaces, you must ensure that you select a cleaner accordingly.

#02. The Filtration System

Air goes in, and it eventually has to go out. Now envision that you’re vacuuming a room full of the “dustiest” elements, and the air comes out packed with dirt, making you sneeze out the life out of you. Now that you’ve pictured that scenario, there are three ways you can avoid that. You can opt to get a vacuum system with a:

Disposable filter: It needs you to replace it when it gets dirty regularly, but it’s a fantastic option if you don’t have the time (or energy) to wash it.

Washable filter: It needs you to clean it every time it gets dirty, but the pro is that it’s not as costly as the disposable one – since you don’t have to buy a new filter each time the other one gathers dust.

HEPA filter: It clears out 99.97% of dirt particles and helps you manage your allergies.

Once you figure the system of your convenience – and one that backs your state of health – you can make your decision.

#03. It’s Quality and Durability

The quality of your system is also imperative and will determine whether you will replace your cleaning system in a year or two or will last for aeons and aeons.

When evaluating durability, be sure to look at the quality of the construction. Look for an excellent fit and finish without rough edges. The seals also need to be heavy-duty and constituents that open and close should do so with a nice solid feel.

Another sign of quality and durability can also be partially defined by the length and specifics of the warranty. So when you’re shopping, look for more extended warranties, especially on the motor.

It doesn’t matter if your vacuum cleaner is an upright or canister, corded or cordless, what’s important is that it aids you in cleaning all the areas in your home that you need. So, when shopping for one, take into account your budget, space you need to be cleaned, and since you want the pet hair entirely off your carpet and upholstery, one with hair removal attachments. It’s not a complicated process, all you need to do is be sure about what you want, and you’ll soon be holding those parties at your home without getting worried in no time!