How to Organize Your Closet in your Studio Apartment

Hollycrest - Savedelete - How to Organize Your Closet in your Studio Apartment

Even if you have the most spacious of studio apartments, closet space can be dauntingly scarce. You can overcome this obstacle with proper organizational techniques and strategic storage options. Let’s look at a few tried and true methods for finally getting your closet in order.

Get Hooked on Hooks

If you’re staring at blank, open space in your closet wondering how you’ll ever turn it into effective, useful storage, reclaim that space with storage hooks. Whether you’re looking to hang belts, jewelry, pants, sandals, purses, coats or hoodies, a hook can work to help you add more storage to any closet space.

Don’t Forget about High-Up Spaces

You know that space you need a step-stool to reach? A lot of people forego it entirely because it’s inconvenient, but it’s a great spot to store seldom-used items like luggage, guest blankets, and more. A storage bin can hold dozens of pairs of leggings or clothes that are being stored away while they’re out of season. You’ll need to utilize every inch of your luxury apartment home, and all of that high-up space adds up.

The Door is Your Friend

There’s nothing more effective than a hanging behind-the-door shoe rack. You can fit a dozen pair of shoes, hygiene supplies, beauty products, and more. They also make organizer racks for jewelry, hats, purses, and more.

The front of the door can be just as effective as the inside. If you hang a hook on the front, you can use it to hang the next day’s clothes so you’re ready to go in the morning. Alternatively, you can hang a pants hanger and use it to layer more than a dozen scarves.

Do More with the Floor

The most common option for floor storage is a long shoe rack for stylish storage, but you can get creative with a few other choices. A shelf with a few dividers can be useful for storing purses or additional storage bins. Those storage bins can be used to hold rolled up t-shirts or leggings, sweaters, towels, and more.

Get the Urge to Purge

If, despite your best organizational efforts, you are still looking at a cluttered closet, consider donating what you rarely wear. We like to start our spring cleaning off by putting all of our clothes on a white hanger. After we’ve worn an item, we’ll move it to a colored hanger. At the end of the season, consider donating whatever is left unworn on the white hangers.