How To Choose The Right Lighting Fixture For Your Room

Lighting Fixture

As you know, lighting is essential for every home. But, besides its general purpose of illuminating your house when the sun goes down, you can also use lighting to improve the overall aesthetics of your house. That is why a lighting fixtures company presents various styles and designs in the market so they can accommodate everyones vision for the perfect lighting design.

But you cant just buy any random lighting fixture to install in your house. When choosing lighting fixtures, you need to consider the purpose, quality of light, amount of light, the type of fixture, and if its purely decorative. 

It sounds a lot, so to help you, below are some tips to keep in mind when choosing the right lighting fixture for your room.

Think About Both Architectural and Decorative Fixtures

A balance between decorative and architectural lighting is a must. Different light fixtures will have different purposes. For example, internal lights on the ceiling have an overall glow perfect for illuminating art and sculptures and mundane tasks like cleaning. And table and floor lamps are swell for lighting games, intimate gatherings, and reading. 

But other than those, lighting can also help dictate the mood of a particular space, like chandeliers, which can be the focal point of a room, creating an extravagant vibe through it alone.

Incorporate a Variety of Levels of Lighting

Its essential to consider different lighting levels in room design, meaning you have to incorporate overhead light fixtures, lamps, and even dimmers (if you have some) into one space. Different illumination levels in a room can give it more personality and separate different sections.

Determine If Lighting Is the Star of the Space

Most people will typically use lighting to highlight or improve aesthetic features or decors in their house. But if you are planning to make a lighting feature the star of space, it would need to be dramatic and the only light source if possible. You also need to ensure that it’s bright enough to support general lighting.

A good space for light fixtures to be the star is the stairwell. It’s one of the best places to go big and bold with your lighting.

Play to a Rooms Aesthetics 

Most people want to complement a room’s overall aesthetics with its lighting design. Others want to take a different approach and install lighting to add some contrast. Either way, you need to determine the design of your room to know what light fixture can complement or contrast it.

Think Oversized

If you have no idea what to choose, a large light fixture would typically solve the problem. Small light fixtures are hard to notice in large rooms and high ceilings, so people can’t help but ignore them.

Still, it’s essential to balance everything out. Even large chandeliers can feel lost in a large room. So adding other lighting features like lanterns can help with the general lighting.

Sometimes, Less is More 

With so many light fixtures of different shapes, sizes, and design, it’s easy to fall in love with one and try to install it in your house. But it’s essential not to go overboard and buy everything you like. 

Sometimes, having no light fixture in a specific section of your space is enough to create the maximum mood.


Choosing the right light fixture can be a hassle, especially if you are no expert. So if you know anyone who’s having a hard time with their decision, share this article to let them know how to choose the right lighting fixture for their room.