How to choose a suitable bathroom cabinet?


 Designing the perfect home means a large project that requires you to consider everything from flooring and wall decoration to lamps carefully. While it’s not like you plan to entertain guests in the bathroom or spend too much time there yourself, the right cabinetry makes a big difference. When it comes to maintenance, the right choice is how much effort you are willing to put in when it comes to maintaining the quality of the cabinets you buy.

Bathroom cabinets are one of the sanitary products needed in the bathroom. It can not only be used to store toiletries in the bathroom but also can be used as a washbasin. Currently, bathroom cabinets on the market have different materials and prices.

Types of Bathroom Cabinets

On the market, bathroom cabinets are made of different materials, such as ceramic bathroom cabinets, solid wood bath vanities, PVC, stainless steel bathroom cabinets and so on. The bathroom cabinets that are more popular among owners are stainless steel bathroom cabinets and PVC bathroom cabinets. They not only have the advantages of scratch resistance, scratch resistance, and crack resistance but also, the glaze is very smooth and easy to clean.

Bathroom cabinet countertops wear out quickly. Therefore, we must choose a type of table that is scuff-resistant and has a hard textured surface. At present, the more common bathroom countertop materials are microcrystalline stone, jade, artificial quartz stone, etc. Among them, quartz stone is an ideal countertop material because it has several advantages: high-temperature resistance, no deformation, no surface warping, no explosion, and anti-fouling.

 If the quality of the hardware is poor, over time, it will rust and become damaged due to moisture. So when we buy a bathroom cabinet, we need to check whether the hardware feels strong, how moisture resistant it is, and whether it can be used smoothly. How should we choose the right bathroom cabinet?

Size and Space:

 First, measure your bathroom space to make sure you have enough space for the cabinets you choose. Ensure the cupboard will not block doors, windows, or other vital areas. The main bathroom usually has the same use of colours and textures as your master bedroom. This means the guest bathroom should be a reflection of the living room design and the overall theme of the home. Consider whether you want wall-mounted or floor-mounted cabinets. Make sure you have the necessary skills or assistance for proper installation.


There are various materials, such as wood, MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard), metal, or plastic for bathroom cabinets. Waterproof and resistant to humidity are suitable materials for tools in the bathroom. Wood that has been specially treated to be waterproof or PVC cabinets are good choices. Choose cabinets that are made with good quality and are durable. Ensure the doors and drawers work well and the wheels or hinges are strong. Check product and brand reviews before purchasing.

Style and Design:

Choose a cupboard style that suits your bathroom’s aesthetic. For example, if your bathroom has a modern look, choose cabinets with clean lines and a minimalist design. For traditional bathrooms, cupboards with a traditional or antique touch may be more suitable. The colour of the cupboards should match the colour of your walls and bathroom accessories. Neutral colour choices are often safe, but if you want to create a touch of colour or contrast, make sure it suits your taste.

Function and Storage:

Consider what you want to store in your bathroom cabinet. If you need a lot of storage, consider a closet with shelves, drawers, or hanging cabinets. If you only need basic storage, choose something more straightforward. Adjust your budget to the wardrobe options you are considering. There are a variety of prices available, so make sure you choose one that fits your budget. The final thing to consider is the maintenance required. 

Wood, for example, can be a complex material to care for if you don’t get good quality wood. It’s a little extra effort, but it’s a beautiful cabinet material to use in the bathroom. Glass, on the other hand, is much easier to clean, but glass cabinets and open shelving may not be suitable for the style you are going for.


Speaking of choosing materials, feel free to grab some samples. It isn’t easy to make big decisions if you don’t know the various materials or styles offered. Samples will give you an idea!

Of course, it will be great to know about a specific type of bathroom cabinet before you buy what you need!

Imagine investing in new cabinets needed for the bathroom and only to realize you don’t like the decision you made. Luckily, wellfor.com uses quality products that prevent this from happening. Before deciding, do your research, compare products, and make sure the bathroom cabinet you choose fits your needs and preferences.