Home Landscaping Tips to Increase ROI and Sell Your Home Quicker Than Usual

Landscaping Tips

We ensure the inside of our homes are spotless, so why not keep this same energy for the outside? Research has also shown us that a well-landscaped home can get 5.5 to 12.7% more money over one with zero landscaping.

Great! So how do you landscape your home to the best of its ability? Weíve got home landscaping tips to help you out.

1. A Well-Maintained Lawn

When youíre landscaping to sell your home, ensure your landscape maintains a lush and healthy look.

Keep the lawn mowed and spend the weekend shaping, pruning, and cutting back overgrown shrubs. If youíve got a large yard, install a sprinkler system to keep it looking its best.

2. Xeriscaping

If you donít have access to large quantities of water, look into xeriscaping. Itís a popular house landscaping method that helps reduce your water consumption without compromising the lushness of your yard.

To do this, plant native and drought-resistant plants instead of exotic species. These are accustomed to the weather, require less water, and are easy to maintain so be sure to choose local species.

3. An Inviting Patio

Whether itís set in the front or back yard, a patio is a popular way to use outdoor space. One of the top staging tips is by getting modern patio furniture to create a comfortable area where buyers can envision whiling away their Sunday afternoons.

4. A Cohesive Exterior Look

If youíre landscaping to sell a house, itís important to strike the perfect balance with your curb appeal. Stuck? Then use the color of your homeís faÁade as the main source of inspiration.

For example, if you have a pale blue house then you can enhance its hue by pairing it with pink, purple, yellow, and white embellishments. As you do this, remember that flowers and garden elements must accentuate the appeal of your house instead of creating chaos.

5. A Cozy Fire Pit

House yards are the best place to host dinner parties or invite a few friends for a catch-up. Because of this, fire pits have the power to create a homely outdoor space.

You can either choose a modern minimalist design or a more rustic one where you can enjoy family togetherness. Not sure where it would go? Add it to your outdoor lounge area or in your deck design to improve your homeís curb appeal.

6. Outdoor Kitchen

Sure BBQs are great but outdoor kitchens are a more refined way to enjoy summer entertainment and family gatherings.

A well-designed outdoor kitchen can add to your homeís appeal and itís important to stay simple with the design. You can set up a simple outdoor cooking area with a functional grill and a dining area.

Or, if youíre after luxe design, get marble countertops and install a fully equipped kitchen.

7. Effective Landscape Lighting

Exterior lighting lets you illuminate your propertyís best features while creating a magical atmosphere.

For example, use lighting to accentuate your front door, garden sculptures, and a garden pathway so guests have no problems navigating their way to your home.

Also, use solar lights throughout your garden, and place twinkle lights in the trees for an elegant look.

8. Don’t Forget the Garage Door

Itís easy to miss but when done right, your garage door can add style to your home.

Freshen it up with a coat of paint if itís slightly worn but if itís too old, replace the door entirely. There are a variety of designs to choose from so make sure you find one that fits the style of your property.

9. Declutter

A simple way to improve your landscaping is by removing all your possesions from view. Itís important to get a clean, streamlined look so buyers can envision their lives playing out in your home.

Toss scraps of paper, plastic, branches, and any other evidence of family life. All you need to keep is a few selected pots and pieces of outdoor furniture.

10. Replace Entry Fixtures

Thereís nothing more off-putting than old fixtures as they seem dated. Instead, splurge out on new exterior light fixtures to give your home a more modern feel.

Once finished, replace the house numbers, entry door lockset, and front-door mailbox with brushed nickel embellishments.

11. Power Wash

If you don’t own one, rent a power washer to clean the decks, carport, and pavement. It’s useful because if you can’t repaint your home, you can clean and brighten your home’s siding.

But always get instructions as power washing can damage the wood if used incorrectly.

12. Clean and Repair Paving

Buyers will notice any broken concrete or asphalt paving as they come towards the front door. If they’re in decent condition, apply a new coat of sealer to the asphalt for an added peace of mind. It’s wise to spread a fresh layer of graven on drives and pathways.

Also, ensure there are no cracks in the foundation of your house as it may exacerbate mold and wood rot. If you do, call a reliable foundation repair company to fix the problem.

13. Repair and Clean Your Roof

Over time, roofs can accumulate moss, weeds, and mold which doesn’t create the best impression. Be sure to clean it alongside the gutters and replace any missing tiles.

Which Home Landscaping Tips Will You Use?

These home landscaping tips will help boost your curb appeal to increase ROI and get your home off the market quicker. Dedicate the weekend to check over your lawn, roof, and yard to ensure it’s decluttered and is in its best condition. Good luck!

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