Here Are the Key Signs That it is Time to Replace Your Home’s Air Filters

Home's Air Filters

An air filter is normally installed on the AC systemís blower compartment or air duct. Their main role is to restrain compartments-containing air and let clean air flow into the area.

Like car filters, your homeís air filters accumulate a significant amount of dangerous pollutants and can potentially be blocked. When your air filters become more jammed, grime and dust start to enter your system, putting a sign of wear and tear.

If you are not sure when it is the right time to replace your homeís air filters, experts at Filter King suggest that you look at the following signs:

1.    Visible Dust and Dirt

If your filter only shows a small layer of dust or dirt, it could still be working just fine. However, when the dust and dirt block the filterís material and surface, it will be a sign that the part requires a replacement. If neglected, it may result in dirty ductwork that might cause all kinds of issues for your system.

The dirt on your air filter can prevent your unit from cooling down your home properly. A small hindrance on a filter because of dust and dirt may lead to a less efficient cooling unit.

2.    Foul Smell

If you notice a new foul smell, it could indicate microbial growth and an accumulation of bacteria around your filter. This mechanism works by driving the foul smell down your ACís ducts into the living room when an air filter blows the air.

Replace your filter immediately if you notice a stench from your HVAC or AC unit. Contact a professional service provider to help if the issue persists. An expert will determine whether another source or your AC generates the smell.

3.    You Suffer More Allergy Attacks

An allergy sufferer needs to be diligent when replacing their air filter. Pet dander and dust pollen usually cling to a homeís air filter. And when it gets saturated with those pollutants, they blow out and circulate into the air. This, in turn, makes you suffer more allergy attacks.

Your air filter and the central AC unit can either affect your health negatively or positively. Use an AC unit to improve your home’s indoor air quality instead of worsening it. You can achieve this by cleaning your filters and adding the right air purifier. This way, you will start noticing a decrease in your allergy symptoms.

4.    Your AC System Starts Getting Hot

Clogged air filters can cause your unit to overwork because it must use more force so as to blow the same amount of air. If you realize your system is very hot to touch, consider looking at your air filter immediately.

But if you replace the filter and the system keeps getting hotter, contact a technician to come and check it out.

Concluding Remarks!

Air filters are very complicated parts of an HVAC or AC unit. But it may drastically impact the unitís efficiency as well as the air quality flowing in the house. So it is best to avoid such problems by replacing your air filter regularly.