Hacks To Make Your Move Easier

Moving is always a challenge. Even if you’re a frequent mover, moving still poses a great deal of stress and anxiety. There are simply so many things to consider, plan, and pack when moving that it inevitably becomes an extremely stressful time. Thankfully, there are several hacks that you can use to help this transition become a much easier time. In this article, we will be listing down moving hacks that everyone should use!

Preparation Phase

Moving first begins with the preparation phase. This is just when you’ve decided to move and you’re beginning to arrange everything. This is the preparation phase where you get yourself ready to move.

1.   Arrange Your Utilities

This is one of the first things you should get done as you are liable to forget as you get more stressed. And, if you forget about turning on utilities at your new place, you will be in a world of trouble. You will also not want your newly-vacated house to have electricity and water continue to run. Therefore, call up your utility company. Tell them when you will be moving out at your current place and arrange for all utilities to be shut off. Then, tell them when you’ll move into your new place and arrange for everything to be turned on there. You might also want to arrange for wifi connection at your new place too.

2.   Arrange For Movers or Find Friends To Help With Moving

Next, you’ll want to arrange for movers. This could be professional movers that you’re hiring or friends that you’re asking for help. Whatever it is, you’ll want to lock them in to ensure that help will be there on the day. If you’re looking for professional movers, take some time to look around. There will be different prices and you’d want to choose the best one. Try boise moving company for the best moving experience.

3.   Budget Yourself

Getting a new place and setting yourself up there will already be a big expense. Therefore, you wouldn’t want to spend too much on your move too. As you plan for movers, be sure to set out a budget for yourself. There are various online calculators and resources that you can use to decide how much you should spend. Once you’ve decided on a budget, be sure to stick to it!

4.   Getting Your Packing Supplies Altogether

Once you begin packing in earnest, you don’t want to stop and realize that you don’t have enough bubble wrap or boxes. Therefore, plan out how much packing supplies you’ll need beforehand. Once you do, get them all together before you begin packing. This will make it less frustrating and much faster.

5.   Cleaning Out Your House

When it comes to moving, there will definitely be things that you aren’t taking with you. There may be big pieces of furniture that you simply do not want anymore. Therefore, you’d have to either trash it or donate it. Find donation places that you can drop these things off at. Your fridge may also be full of food. You should begin to eat up all this food so that you won’t have to move it over. Alternatively, you can also donate them to food banks or homeless shelters.

Packing Phase

Packing is where it gets truly tough. You’ve lived in a place for some time and everything is all over the house. Having tips and tricks on packing will help smoothen this process a lot.

1.   You Don’t Have To Unpack Everything For Packing

This might sound a little weird but you don’t have to unpack everything out of drawers to pack into a box. This is going to end up wasting your time as you’ll end up having to repack these things in your new place. Instead, you can leave everything in your drawer and simply secure it with plastic or bubble wrap. Or, you can even wrap your entire dresser up and move it as it is. The same goes for clothes and hangers. Don’t bother separating them. Instead, leave them as is. When you’re unpacking, you can hang them back up. This saves time and makes it easier.

2.   Use Your Linens, Towels, and Clothes As Protective Wrap

Bubble wrap can be costly to purchase. Therefore, you can always use your linens, towels, or clothes as a protective wrap for fragile items. You can wrap breakable items with linens and then have towels as a padding for the box. For kitchen knives, you could also use your dish towel as a wrap for them. Just remember that you’ve done that so that you don’t accidentally hurt yourself when unpacking!

3.   Plastic Wrap For Anti-Spillage

When it comes to soap, lotion, or cleaning supplies, these items can easily spill over. This is especially as everything packed tightly into a box and moved around. Therefore, you should wrap them in some plastic wrap beforehand. This means that even if they spill, they won’t spill everywhere. Instead, it’ll be contained.

4.   Use Your Suitcases For Good

Suitcases are great moving boxes. You can pack your items in and easily move them around due to their wheels. These are great for packing in things that are extremely heavy and hard to move. An example is your books.

5.   Code Your Boxes

As you’re packing, be sure to code your boxes and pack them into categories. For example, all kitchen items should go into the Kitchen coded box. This makes it easier when you’re unpacking as you’d know which boxes go where.

6.   Take Pictures or Notes of What’s In Your Boxes

It could also be a great idea to note or take pictures of what’s in each box. This makes it easier for finding items later on. You won’t need to dig through every box. Instead, you could easily reference your pictures or notes and find what you need.

7.   Take A Picture of The Back Of Your TV or Computer

Setting up electronics can be hard as you’d be unsure of which wire goes where. Therefore, it’s good to take a picture of the back of your TV or computer before unplugging and packing it up. You’d be able to reference it when putting it back together and that would make it so much easier.

8.   Have An Essentials Only Bag

When you first move in, you might be so tired that you choose not to unpack further. Or you wouldn’t be able to unpack everything. Therefore, you would need a bag with all your essentials. This means that you won’t have to open several boxes just to hunt down a few things. Your essentials bag should include things like clothes, medication, chargers, toiletries, and important documents. You can add things that you need too.

Moving Phase

This is the most tiring part of your entire move and having hacks streamline the process can help a lot.

1.   Have A Cooler Of Snacks and Drinks

Moving is extremely tiring and stressful as you get all your stuff loaded and unloaded. You’re sure to get hungry and dehydrated throughout the day. However, calling in food and drinks might be difficult due to all the bustle. Therefore, you should have a cooler of drinks and snacks put together for the day. This makes it easier for you to grab some drinks or food as and when.

2.   Arrange Plans For Pets or Young Children

Young children and pets won’t be able to help in the process of moving. Instead, they’d be a bigger hindrance as you have to take care of them too. Therefore, it would be best if you could make alternative arrangements for them. For example, you could get friends or family to babysit for the day. This would make it easier for both of you.

3.   Don’t Pack Last Minute

The biggest no-no is last-minute packing. You don’t want to be stressed and packing just as the moving truck arrives. This only adds to your stress levels. Instead, have it all packed up before the day so that it doesn’t begin with even higher levels of anxiety.


We hope these hacks make your moving experience much easier. Good luck!

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