Four Affordable Ways to Spruce up an Ensuite Bathroom

glass kitchen splashbacks

En-suite bathrooms are rarely prioritised for a major makeover, when planning home improvement projects itís the norm for the en-suite bathroom to be shown little priority.

With even just a tiny bit of TLC, itís possible to transform an en-suite into a space you actually enjoy spending time in, far from a simple functional space it  becomes a calming and soothing sanctuary away from the rest of your home.

With this in mind, hereís an overview of four simple yet effective ways to breathe new life into your en-suite bathroom:

Install New Fittings

You donít actually have to go so far as to replace your bath, shower or toilet outright. Youíll achieve a similar result by simply swapping out the hardware around your bathroom. This includes things like taps, toilet seats, door handles, drawer handles and so on.

Anything that can be removed with ease and swapped for something new is a candidate for an overhaul, the same can be said for decorative items and trinkets, which may be overdue a refresh.

Put Up a Large Mirror

Thereís nothing quite like a well-positioned mirror to really bring a bathroom to life. Mirrors create a feeling of spaciousness, while at the same time bouncing light for improved illumination.

Feel free to go as simple or elaborate as you like with the design – thereís no shortage of options to choose from. Visualise various different shapes and sizes in your en-suite, though a larger mirror never fails to get the job done better than a series of smaller mirrors.

Consider a Splashback

A splashback is a simple yet effective decorative touch that is perfectly practical; glass splashbacks are designed primarily to protect the surfaces they are mounted to, but when you really hit the nail on the head with a beautifully designed splashback, they can be incredibly transformative.

DIY Splashbacks

Best of all, bespoke splashbacks can be ordered in a limitless array of configurations, colours and finishes to suit all possible preferences. You can have your own custom coloured splashbacks made-to-measure, ensuring a true one of a kind feature to give your bathroom a new lease of life.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

No cost-effective interior makeover has a more dramatic effect than a fresh coat of paint. This is true in all areas of the home, including bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. The bathroom is one of the few rooms of the home where you can get away with just about anything.

Think about the kinds of bold and eye catching colours you would not normally use elsewhere. If preferred, keep things as subtle and understated as you like.  Carefully consider how the colours you choose will work with your preferred hardware and fittings, along with the rest of the furniture in your bathroom.