Finding the Right Student Housing for you

Student Housing

Before you head off to college you need to organize where youíre going to stay. Some students can stay at home as they live close to the campus but there are others who need someplace else to lay their head. When it comes to finding the right student housing you need to consider a few factors. These factors are:

Whatís Included in the Cost

Some houses will come with the internet and the bills included whereas some wonít. Some houses will come complete with a washing machine and a dishwasher, others will expect you to visit a laundromat and wash your dishes by hand.

If itís important to you that you have access to WiFi (and chances are it is), youíll want to ensure itís included in the price. Some houses also include a games room or even a gym but that could mean youíll end up sharing with a bunch of people.

The Location

Would you be happy for your student housing to be located pretty close to the college? Or would you prefer if you were 10 minutes away? Do you want to be in the center of town or are you happy to stay anywhere?

When it comes to searching for the right student housing youíll need to make sure you can get to and from college easily.

Donít forget to work out whether living 10 minutes away by car is worth the money youíll spend traveling to college. It might be cheaper to live across the street and walk to your classes.

Make sure that thereís a supermarket nearby and a doctorís office. Consider all of those things youíd want nearby and whether your chosen location offers them.

Who Youíll be Sharing the Accommodation With

Are you happy to share your housing with 4 other students or do you want to live by yourself? Could you put up with sharing the housing with just one person or are you a ĎThe more the merrierí type?

When youíre looking for somewhere to live youíll need to think about how many people youíll be happy to live with. Your budget might well affect this so you may have to compromise.

What youíll Need to Take with you

Will you need to go out and buy plates and bowls along with cutlery or will this be supplied? What about bed sheets? Will you need to bring your own or are they also supplied?

Find out what you need to bring with you so you can start getting yourself prepared. Be mindful that some student housing could be more expensive than others if all you need to bring is yourself and your clothes. Work out whether itís offering you good value for money.

Considering all of the above factors can help you to find the right student housing for you. Try not to snap up the first place you see unless it offers you everything you need. Remember, youíre going to be spending the next few years living in student housing so itís important you chose somewhere ideal.†

image credit: Student Housing via GaudiLab/shutterstock