Experience the Difference of Canglow’s Windows and Doors in Edmonton

Windows and Doors

While there are many different ways to add more value to the home, there are ways to receive more benefits. By replacing drafty old windows and doors in Edmonton, there will be a cozier, healthier environment to live in.

Canglow has a fine reputation that is well earned. Some of the benefits of using their doors and windows are a decrease in the air conditioning and heating bills. On top of that, there will also be helping to expand the lifespan of cooling and heating systems by not overusing them.

Also, there is an added value to the house as there is more than just the extension of the HVAC system’s life, there will be an extension of the house’s life as well. There will be less of the decay process and any hindrance in the structural integrity.

Canglow’s Windows and Doors have a strong presence in the market. In addition to upgrading your style they will also help you with:

  • Elimination of Upfront Costs with Product Financing
  • Cost Savings on Energy Consumption
  • A variety of Colors and Style
  • Disposal of Old Windows
  • Free Estimates
  • Product and Service Warranty


When it comes to window options, the most popular window of choice is vinyl. It doesn’t matter what the reason is for replacing a window, it is important to invest in the best in order to save money on energy costs. We offer plastic/metal blended products that are quality and offer perfect performance for the best price. The aluminum and wood products, however, are more expensive and don’t perform that well.

In the event of a fire, though no one wishes that it is the case, vinyl melts instead of burns. Why is this important? Because of the material these windows are made of, they only emit a putrid odour when burned. But they are not toxic when melted, so there is no fret from breathing in harmful fumes from the window. Also, if one of these resilient windows manage to break, there won’t be thousands of shards to worry about. Thanks to a protective film found on the window, the pieces stay contained. This is good to prevent injury, making these windows super safe.

These windows are safe and secure, very protective. The product PVC allows for varying conditions and temperatures to be exposed to it with no negative health effects. Whether it is an installation of a new window, or replacing an old one, it is recommended to use Canglow.

Recovery of Warmth

When an increase in energy prices began, the vinyl window suddenly appeared on the market. Many decided to replace their windows with vinyl ones to offset the higher energy costs. The purchase of these windows pays off exponentially in the long haul. They did more than reap the benefits of saving on energy costs but adding more income to the home.


If there is a battle with drafty and noisy conditions, then maybe a window replacement is the perfect solution. It is amazing how much money people are throwing out the windows with these drafty apertures. It is more than sealing up the house properly with these new windows, there is a noticeable decrease in allergens and dust that comes into the home.

Easy Maintenance

It is easy to clean these windows without using specialized cleaners or worse, harsh chemicals. The only real requirement these windows have is the yearly lubrication of its hinges.


As we stated before, these windows are very hard to break. This is a great aspect of security for the home. Many of these window fixtures are anti-theft, and can easily help to protect the home from burglaries.


Regardless of what shape or colour is needed for a remodel/build, these windows are not all created the same. There is a custom window to fit any need while serving to specific styles and flair.

Weather Resistant and Durable

There is an exposure to many different seasonal elements that windows tend to endure. Hail, sleet, rain, snow, and even storms can affect the performance and integrity of the window fixture. With vinyl, however, there is resistance to those elements. With a lifespan of over 20 years, live freely without drafty conditions. Even in snowstorms, as long as the window is properly fitted and sealed, there will be a prevention of air from the outside from coming into the living space.


 There is a rapid depletion of natural resources in the world today. There needs to be a heightened awareness to create a conscious population. There is a green aspect of installing these new windows. The lesser use of energy is better on the environment. There have to be better decisions made for the conservation of the environment, and not wasting a thing while making instrumental decisions in proper conservation.

Canglow will serve with only the intention of offering the best quality while staying at the best price on the market. It is important to change windows when remodelling a home, it does more than increasing the value of the house, it causes the house to be more energy-efficient. Choosing vinyl windows is a great way to stay green, offer protection for the house, and stave off harmful and chilling elements that would otherwise ruin a nice day. Rid the house of those drafty windows, get a properly sealed and fitted vinyl window to help your energy costs stay low.