Experience in buying and preserving leather sofa

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Leather sofa is an indispensable item in apartments, because it is an important item in the living room. Therefore you need a firm, high quality leather sofa.

Some tips for you

  • Size

The size of the sofa must also fit the room, placing a sofa of the right size will bring a sense of spaciousness and aesthetics to the house, in addition to avoiding wasting money and space. The size of a sofa set needs to be selected to suit the room size as well as the intended use. A large sofa set in a narrow living room will hinder the movement of people.

  • Check out the skeleton part of the sofa

The skeleton is the most important part of the sofa, so a high quality sofa set must have a good frame. According to noithatkenli, almost all current sofas use natural wood as a skeleton. There are some products using industrial wood, stainless steel frame. With each different materials have different prices. To choose a sofa with high quality skeleton, you should try the sofa.

  • Check the cushion of the sofa

This is also an important part of the sofa set. It determines the comfort and comfort when you use a chair. A set of sofa comes with foam cushions with high elasticity will bring a comfortable feeling to use. As for the high-class leather sofas, they are often combined with many different types of foam cushions, they help to bring both high elasticity and keep the form of sofa. To know the quality of high quality seat cushions or not, try sitting on the sofa for 5-10 minutes and get up, watch the change of chair surface. With the chairs with high elasticity, the seat surface will return to normal status quickly, leaving no dent. As for sofas with poor quality cushions, the dents will return to normal for longer.

  • Check the foot of the sofa

The foot of the chair is the part that helps the sofa to stand. Therefore, we should choose products with legs designed with solid materials, with a long life. It is true to say that you should choose a sofa with removable legs to facilitate movement, installation

5 common mistakes when buying sofa for the living room

  • Sofa is too big or too small compared to the room

When displayed in a large space in the store, large sofas still look neat. However, when you take home, the sofa takes up too much space, making the living room become cramped, make people difficult to move. On the contrary, too small a sofa will look unreasonable in a large living area.

Therefore, before you go to buy, you need to accurately measure the area of ??the area where you will arrange chairs in your home. Depending on the size of the living room, you should choose the appropriate sofa type.

  • Do not try sofa before buying

In fact, it is true to say that you buy a sofa to sit, not decorate. Therefore, you and your family members need to feel comfortable while lying down, sitting on a sofa, exactly the way you would use it at home. Cushions also need soft or hardness as you desire. Most stores allow guests to try the sofa comfortably so you should consider carefully before buying.

Each family often uses the living room with different needs. If your whole family likes to watch TV, you should choose a sofa with a high backrest, with pillows. If your family or friends, relatives come to play, round sofas help people gather, closer. Sofa beds are suitable for tight families but often have friends stay over for the night.

  • Sofa is not suitable for the style of home

The sofa is the largest item in the living room and often attracts the first attention. It needs harmony with the overall interior style. House in classical style should choose leather sofa, carved wood and modern home should buy a simple sofa with elegant design. The sofa should be neutral, easy to harmonize with other appliances. If you like a sofa with striking colors, the furniture should be the same color or have a neutral color.

  • Enjoy to buy cheap sofa

You should always consider the budget when buying things but never buy too cheap sofa because they often have frames of cheap wood, unstable fabric. Chairs will quickly be worn out, rickety, and must be replaced in a short time. Therefore, if you do not have much money, you should not choose a leather sofa or buy items at famous stores. You can find stores that order according to reputable models but need to choose carefully the frame material, foam as a cushion, upholstery.

  • Choose the wrong material of sofa cushions

This will be a mistake that you pay dearly. If the family has young children, often sitting in the living room, sofas with soft materials, bright colors will quickly be broken. Therefore, you need to consider based on factors such as weather, frequency of use:

Leather sofa suitable for homes with luxurious style, classic, often turns on air conditioning. This material is also easy to clean when soiled or contaminated with water. However, for those who want to save electricity, this is not a suitable option. The price of this type of sofa is usually the most expensive of all type

Coarse, felt fabric sofa has a youthful and rich design, with a wide selection of colors suitable for different styles. However, these materials are difficult to clean, easily frayed, absorb water quickly, and are not suitable for homes with children. In fact, wood sofa suitable for all types of weather. In the summer, when you sit on a wooden sofa, you will feel cool. In winter, you can order extra cushions. However, you need to choose a cushion that can tie firmly to the seat body, avoiding buckling. You must also be careful when choosing the type of sofa’s wood.

All in all, choosing a good sofa is very important. Visit noithatkenli.vn/sofa to be able to buy the sofa with the best quality.