Effective Home Staging Solutions and Tips

Staging a house for viewing can sometimes get complex. You may find it hard to determine what should take priority. And this is particularly true when it comes to tackling an entire property. But the good news is that staging doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming. Here are some simple solutions that can help you get your property off the market much faster.

But Why Stage Your Home For Viewing?

Staging your property for viewing is an effective way of selling fast. According to research, staging a house or apartment for viewing can reduce the time it will sit on the market by about seventy-three percent.

When properly staged, your property can also sell for up to seventeen percent more than the asking price. It’s therefore worth adding a staging strategy to your list of marketing ideas. Are you sold on the idea? Well here are affordable staging solutions you may want to try.

Clean Up

Before doing virtual staging, cover the basics first. Hire a professional company to give the property a deep clean. Buyers are often attracted to clean properties. So, be sure to clean your property thoroughly and that means erasing the grime of existing occupants.

Observe Regular Maintenance

A poorly-maintained home doesn’t sell. Thus, before you can move on to furniture, give your property a revamp. See if there’s anything that needs to be fixed or upgraded. Fresh paint or moving the lawn can create an incredible foundation for your stylish staging solutions.


A house that’s filled with too many pieces of furniture can look cluttered and untidy. And this can completely turn potential buyers off.

To create more space, move furniture away from the walls. You may also want to consider taking out unnecessary items. Incorporating mirrors into key locations can go a long way in creating a spacious feel and letting more light into the rooms. Replace worn out ornaments with modern decorations that appeal to the customer demographic. But this doesn’t mean that you spend all your money on renovations. Simple remodeling techniques can completely transform your home’s look. So, go easy on yourself.

Remove Pets

Removing pets from your home before viewing is an incredible staging solution. You may not believe this but it does help. Take them for a walk or move their cages to a neighbor’s house. Tidy up and make sure there aren’t any odors that night hurt your home’s chances of selling. Nobody is willing to invest in a poorly-maintained home, remember.

The Bottom-Line

When it comes to selling property, aesthetics is everything. So, make sure that the house or apartment looks clean and inviting. But if you can’t do all this on your own, you can always hire a professional for expert staging advice. Just be sure to choose a company that leads in the industry and provides proven results.

Staging solutions are generally simple, affordable, and effective. They’ll help you sell your property sooner than you think. Try the above tips today and you’ll be surprised to see the difference they can make.

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