Dyson products in Singapore

Dyson products in Singapore

Dyson is one of the most reputed brands of home appliance manufacturers worldwide, selling high quality products using the latest technologies. The company is investing a large amount in research and development to develop products which are easier to use for the consumer, more efficient and can consume less electricity. Hence, many families who wish to invest in the best home appliances available would like to purchase Dyson products. They are interested in finding out the available items in Dyson Singapore, since they will get products designed for local conditions with a warranty. Some of the more popular Dyson products are described below.

Vacuum cleaners

One of the most popular Dyson products in Singapore are the vacuum cleaners. These vacuum cleaners are light in weight compared to other brands – making it very easy to clean the room or other area. Since they have a rechargeable battery, these vacuum cleaners are portable and can be used in areas without a power connection. The batteries are also designed so that they can be used for a longer time without charging. The vacuum cleaners are specially designed with a powerful motor which can be used to remove the dust and dirt from difficult to reach areas of the house since they have more suction power. Multiple tools are provided with the vacuum cleaner, so cleaning specific areas and furniture better. A car cleaning kit is also provided.

Tower fans

Singapore has a tropical climate, which is hot and humid. So almost all homes and offices require cooling so that people are comfortable. Though air-conditioners are used, they are expensive and require a lot of maintenance. Hence many people are using Dyson tower fans which are affordable and provide the cooling required. Depending on the weather conditions, the speed of the fan can be adjusted to change the cooling level. These fans are also portable since they are light in weight and can be easily moved to any area of the house or office. There are no fast moving blades which are a safety risk. The fan can be easily cleaned.

Hair dryer

Hair will become dirty and attract grime especially if a person is spending time outdoors. People wash their hair regularly and usually cannot wait till their hair will dry naturally since they have a busy schedule. So most people are using hair dryers to dry and style their hair quickly and conveniently. Dyson has developed a wide range of hair dryers which is suitable for different types of hair. The heat is controlled for a better shine. Due to the design, it is also possible to generate high velocity air flow for better styling. A detangling comb and paddle brush are also supplied. There are four settings for temperature which determine the speed at which the hair will get dried.

Hair straightener

Straight hair is the latest hair styling trend for women since it looks sleek and well groomed. While some women have naturally straight hair, other women are using hair straighteners. Dyson offers a number of high quality hair straighteners which will help the user straighten their hair quickly and conveniently.