Discovering Problems with Your Crawl Space

Crawl Space

When you have a crawl space you must learn to recognize subtle signs of moisture damage. You can also take steps to prevent problems with your crawl space. While you may not spend much time in your crawl space, moisture problems can extend to the rest of your home. You should pay close attention to standing water, unlevel floors, and musty smells. You may also notice humidity in the main part of your home, as well as cracks in the walls. Keep your crawl space in optimal condition to protect your foundation and your home.

Standing Water

You should not have standing water anywhere near your home. Even standing water in your yard can indicate a foundation problem. Check your crawl space regularly during rainy seasons if you suspect problems with your foundation. When your foundation moves, it can cause the floors to become unlevel. This can allow pools of water from rain or soil to form. A prompt crawl space repair and foundation check can prevent further damage. The land in your yard should slope away from your home to protect your foundation. If water ceases to drain away from your house or begins to cause puddles in your yard, you may need professional help.

Smelling Mold or Mildew

If you notice a musty smell inside your home or crawl space, it is pertinent to find the cause quickly. Once mold or mildew begins to grow, it can cause severe damage to your home. Once you fix the drainage or foundation problem, you must also deal with mold removal. You may spend thousands of dollars to make your home safe again. If you smell mold and cannot figure out a cause, have your crawl space inspected.

Humidity in the Home

If the interior of your home has a sudden rise in humidity, your crawl space may have damage. You may notice the house feels warmer than usual if the humidity is high. You may also notice a sticky feeling in the air. Items in your home may not dry out well when you have an increase in humidity, as well. Pay attention to the drying time of wet bath towels and mopped floors, for example. Wallpaper may also begin to separate from the wall if you have high humidity.

Rising Utility Bills

When your home has more humidity, your HVAC system must work harder. This can cause your electric bill to rise. Your water bill may also rise if you have a leak in pipes under your home or in your walls. If your utility bills seem too high, check the usage to find out if it has risen.

You can take better care of your home by learning to recognize the signs of damage to your crawl space. You may notice odd things like standing water, a musty smell, or large utility bills. Moisture in a crawl space can also cause damage to wood and insulation. Pay close attention to changes in your home and call a professional repair company when possible.