Cleaning Practices for Your Aged Care Business

Aged Care

Most people would brag that they are the best cleaners you can find. However, some of these individuals only sound good on paper. Cleaning after old people isn’t as easy as people think. It requires some particular level of skills to maintain a healthy and clean environment.

Starting an aged care facility or business needs one to learn a few things before venturing into the business. Many aged care facilities or businesses fail because owners didn’t take time to study the essential features and requirements of the industry.

One feature many ignore is cleanliness. Cleanliness is vital for any business. Cleaning practices differ slightly from ordinary business because old people require more attention. If proper cleaning isn’t followed, you’ll risk spreading infection. Here are a few age care cleaning practices and procedures you can follow:

When cleaning, especially with vacuums in an aged care facility, there’s a high chance of spreading bacteria around the facilities that might eventually cause sickness among the elderly. For proper cleaning, it’s advisable to use filters for vacuums. These filters are specially created to reduce bacteria spread from one room to another.

Avoid having one device cleaning more than one area. Using the mop to wipe the floor, and then using the same mop to clean the ceiling isn’t hygienic. You can also have color-coded janitorial items that will help cleaners on which devices to use when cleaning a particular area. By specifying cleaning devices to a specific area, it minimizes the spread of infectious bacteria around the facility. Eventually, you’ll realize your residents are much healthier. You’ll also have less disease contamination among the residents.

Hiring trained cleaning employees is essential. Getting professionals will ensure high levels of cleanliness in your facility. You’ll also need to offer regular training to the employees. This is to help them keep up with various cleaning practices. You can do the training yourself by reading and doing research on cleaning products and process, or you can hire a professional company to help update cleaning practices in your facility.

Cleaning requires some level of planning and organization. You need to set up a cleaning schedule for your facility. You can have workers cleaning at intervals or during every shift. You also need to have workers trained to clean as soon as a mess is created. In addition, you’ll need to set regular laundry schedules to avoid piles of clothes in different rooms. Remember to have hand sanitizers around the facilities for both the residents and workers.

It’s essential to get quality, useful products for the cleaning process. Be careful with the kind of products you use to clean at your aged care facility. With the increased level of counterfeit products, it’s essential to purchase products that meet the set standards. Some chemicals might be harmful to your residents, thus, the need to get the right cleaning supplies. If you can, getting organic products to clean your facility is better to maintain a healthy environment for your clients.

Image Credits: Aged CarefromHalfpoint /Shutterstock