Can You afford Private Pay Home Care in NYC?


As many people in NYC grow older, they find their bodies become weaker and no longer as strong as they used to be. Many New Yorkers are switching to Private Pay Home Care as it is the cheaper option for them to go about their daily needs, especially in an expensive city like New York. 

Elderly people are eager to stay within their homes yet they need some additional help, whether that be only for a couple of hours within the day or even 24-hour constant care. This type of help usually includes household chores, necessities, running errands, nursing services and personal hygiene and daily living activities care. As many baby boomers are growing older within the next decade, the need for this service will significantly increase. But how will that affect the payment methods?

If one plans early, they may purchase insurances that cover such home care expenses. This type of insurance is often called long-term or hybrid policy. However, sometimes, affording these coverages is not so convenient. Prices for coverages can go up to $3,800 a year and this may be difficult to afford for some. Additionally, not everyone is eligible for this insurance and, in NYC, the expenses pile on.

Therefore, those without this hybrid policy insurance, rely on their own family members, which are often unpaid, in order to give them the stability and support they need. However, since many people have busy lives that can’t acquire enough needs for their loved ones, the elderly then turn to get help by paying out of pocket. 

Private Pay Home Care in NYC

Private Pay home care pretty much means to pay “out-of-pocket” for the home care service requested. It is a very popular option among many families and, for the most part, many even prefer it as opposed to home care services provided by insurances. 

Private pay home care in NYC is often found through special agencies that coordinate their home health aides to be directed to a particular home. While at home, the aide helps and assists with any tasks that the client requests and based on their health. With private pay home care, the elderly individual receives the care they need along with their preferences. The major benefit of this service is the customizable options they allow. 

Each agency differs in what they offer and their price points for each. On average, individuals pay about $23-28 per hour, depending on the hours necessary and the package deals that are available. 

There are many Private pay home care services in NYC. One particular agency, All Heart Home Care offers both insurance and private pay home care depending on the client’s. As an example, the agency offers its standard package to be $25 per hour for about 16-20 hours a week. The more hours of service, the cheaper it is for the payer. 

For many people, Private pay home care results as a cheaper alternative than having your loved one in another nursing facility or rehab center. Additionally, the constant care limits the number of hospital visits the person would otherwise have  if they did not have someone looking after them. 

All Heart Home Care Agency provides many types of services for elderly people at an affordable price which allows individuals to save money and be confident in the fact that their loved one is receiving quality services. With this, Private Pay home care services in New York become the best option for families to choose from as they are affordable and sustainable.