Buying Guide: Mattress Types You’ll See In Stores and How To Get The Right One

Mattress Types

Imagine you’re heading into the furniture shop thinking about getting a brand new mattress for your home. Suddenly, when you arrive, you’re greeted with various kinds of mattresses you were not even aware of! What do you do this time?

As a shopper, you have to prioritize the price of the product, its quality, its trial periods, and so many more! We have mentioned below some of the common things you must think of when getting a new mattress so that you’ll surely be satisfied with your purchase:

The Mattress Type

Your mattress type needs to meet your sleeping needs and match your personal comfort preferences. Having the right one can make a massive difference in the quality of sleep you’ll have every night. Read more about the best online mattress you could get and in stores below.

Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses are well-known mattress types out there. This mattress has a great core system that utilizes coils and metal springs. If you’re looking for a mattress that bounces when you put weight on it, then this could be a great choice! Additionally, it’s available at any price point, so you are assured, but its firmness level may not be suitable for sleepers who intend to have a softer feeling.

Foam Mattresses

Users of foam mattresses usually describe having a sinking feeling, something that somehow resembles as if someone is hugging you. Foam mattresses offer their sleepers a bouncy feel similar to innerspring beds, but their durability is good for long-term use. This fantastic chiropractic approved mattress tends to be priced more expensive than other mattress types, so it’s best to keep a reasonable budget.

Hybrid Mattresses

If you want to enjoy both what a hybrid and a memory foam mattress could offer, a hybrid mattress might be the right one for you. In the industry, this kind of mattress is new and said that it could give you the best of both worlds. Not to mention, it’s recommended as the best mattress for any sleeping position and for couples who need a mattress that could satisfy both combined sleeping needs.

Sleeping Style Match With Firmness Level

All of us have various and unique ways of sleeping. Some sleep on their backs, stomachs, on their sides, and so many more. Whichever your sleeping position is, you have to highly consider these things in getting a mattress. Reflect and give yourself some time to think about your sleeping style to determine the suggested firmness level of your mattress. To help you, stated below are some ideas on how to get the right mattress firmness based on your sleeping position.

The two most important factors to consider for back sleepers are the firmness and support they’ll get from the mattress. A too-soft mattress will not be great for them since their body will sink and result in back pain. Preferably, get soft enough that could provide pressure relief with a firmness level from 5-7. While for stomach sleepers, a five to seven firmness range would be best, so they don’t get a sinking feeling while asleep.

Side sleepers have to have a mattress that would not make the sleeper pain in their hip joints and shoulders since most of their body’s weight is centered on one side of their body during sleep. A softer option would be best for these kinds of sleepers, specifically a mattress with a firmness level of three to six.

Public Opinions and Recommendations

Public opinions are not always bad. There are helpful customer opinions and recommendations you could find everywhere, especially if you browse through the Internet. The views you’d get online are based on previous buyers’ experience of buying the same thing you are currently eyeing on.

Although opinions per person may vary, it’s essential that you also know how to identify credible opinions that matter. Also, if you see someone posting positive feedback, check if the mattress type matches your sleeping style. A product may be helpful to someone but may not be beneficial to you. So, find opinions and recommendations that have the same sentiments as you have regarding mattress buying.

Compare Prices Wisely

Suppose you could compare prices wisely; it allows you to get a better one. Often, you could get a mattress for the same features, but another brand has a lower price offer. Also, there could be times when higher-priced ones come with great other offers such as free delivery, sleep trials, product warranty, etc. This makes them even worth it to purchase. But, we can’t deny that lower-priced mattresses could offer great comfortability but with fewer extra benefits.

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Explore Different Stores

Going to different stores could allow you to see more of other mattress brands. In this way, you could compare lots of mattresses and have a wide range of choices. Also, you’ll never know if you will find the same mattress in another store having a small price. In that case, it’s a great deal already! So, don’t get stuck and waste all your time in a single store. If you can’t find a mattress in one store you have visited, checking other ones won’t hurt.


Changing your old mattress to a new one seems a bit challenging, especially for those who do not have enough knowledge about it. Don’t worry; you don’t need to be a mattress expert to have the right one for your needs. You have some things to specifically eye for you not to make a mistake in choosing.