Best Toilet Paper Rolls in India 2020

Best Toilet Paper Rolls in India 2020

Toilet Paper Rolls, generally called, toilet tissue or bath tissue is a personal hygiene product, used in homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, and malls having washrooms, daily.

Internal brands like Kleenex or Charmin are mostly out of stock in the supermarkets, and these brands are expensive and less cost-effective for India. So the Indian toilet brands such as Origami, Selpak, Renova, and Premier are much more readily available at a reasonable price having all the popular features like extra softness, scented comfort, faster disintegration technology, the number of sheets in a roll, and cushiony thickness.

Let’s start detailing the points which must be taken into consideration while choosing the toilet paper roll. It will help you to choose the best one for you.

There are recommendations provided based on their usage, special features, functionality with reviews for these popular Indian brands.

Hoping the suggestion and detailed guide will help in your search for the best type of toilet paper for your home as well as your office.

Buying Guide for the Best Toilet Paper Rolls in India 2020

Toilet paper, being a standard everyday consumable, and used multiple times in a day, generally by several people either at the home or offices, must be purchased with strict guidelines. It must be taken care of to get out of stock, so usually, people buy it in bulk.

Let’s discuss different features; you must take into consideration, in various toilet papers while buying them.

Which one to prefer: Single Ply or Double Ply

Firstly, it is imperative to decide the layers of ply that buyers should take into consideration in toilet paper while purchasing. The choice depends not only between 1-ply or 2-ply but also on the primary purpose of buying each is different. As the layers of sheets stacked together can change the thickness, softness, and comfort thereof, which users might get, it becomes a very crucial decision.

USP of Single Ply

  • Most Economical
  • Double in length
  • Less wastage due to the thickness of each sheet
  • Charge the same price for users who require more sheets of toilet paper
  • Excellent overall performance
  • Preferred as the money-saving option
  • Commonly found in commercial and business-like settings

USP of Double Ply

  • Sheets are more substantial
  • More comfortable
  • Has superior water absorption abilities
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • A gentler tissue prevents your skin irritation

Although there are some Luxury toilet papers brands also which advertise their products with more than two layered sheets of paper with 3-ply and 4-ply rolls. These are also freely available in the market, but while buying if the cost is an issue, then the number of ply or layers of sheets must be considered as higher the number of ply higher the price of the roll. The right balance between comfort and cost is a game-changer.

Paper Quality and Material

Next factor to be considered is the materials used to make the toilet paper. Usually, toilet paper manufactured out of wood pulp or recycled paper products depending on the ingredients, texture, quality, and the cost can change. Therefore, make sure to decide what material and quality you want to be pay.

Cheap Toilet Paper Made from Recycled Materials to Protect the Environment Toilet paper, made from recycled materials, is labeled as ‘waste paper,’ ‘recycled paper,’ or ‘recycled pulp.’ If you are looking for the most cost-beneficial options to buy, then those made with recycled paper products would be the best for you.

Generally, toilet paper made from recycled paper is rough due to ink and fiber damages. They are inferior in color quality due to the use of a bleaching agent. Of course, the texture should have improvised by mixing more pulp into the waste paper, so you can find toilet paper that feels good and is still eco-friendly.

FSC Certified Wood Pulp for Better Feel and Comfort

Toilet paper manufactured from 100% pulp, made from wood and other nonrecycled materials and are labeled as ‘virgin pulp”, ‘pure pulp,’ or ‘fresh pulp.’ Recycled paper is more cost-effective than 100% pulp. Recycled pulp toilet papers are much more comfortable.

Environment-friendly toilet papers are designed with 100% pulp. It is noteworthy that FSC certified products consume timber sourced from well-managed forests rather than protected forests. Therefore, the production of eco-friendly pulp products does not harm the environment.

Longer Rolls: Less Frequently Replenished

The width of a toilet paper is directly proportional to the storage space required. Keeping the toilet paper in a smaller shelf space, the width of the roll is the aspect to be taken into consideration.

To reduce the frequency of replacement of toilet paper, the length of a roll should be more. Jumbo rolls introduced nowadays, have 1.5 to 2 times more range than the standard ones. The price for jumbo rolls is generally higher, which gets compensated due to the longevity of the product—places with higher consumption, use of jumbo rolls to help a lot. There is no need to be replaced often.

More Features to Ponder

Toilet paper s processed in different ways, may or may not always be good for the environment. Toilet paper rolls cater to distinct personal preferences, including colors, patterns, textures, and fragrances. Some brands have varieties in embossing patterns, moisturizing effects, and deodorizing agents. The buyers have to consider these features while searching for their perfect option.

Chemical-Free Experience: Unbleached Chlorine-Free

Paper products, including toilet papers, these days use chemical bleaching agents during the manufacturing process to enhance the whiteness of the article. Chemicals and irritation caused to sensitive skin, if it concerns the buyer, then a toilet paper roll with natural, organic, or herbal coloring and no bleaching agents involved, will become the first preference.

Embossed: Softer and Cushiony

Embossing involves engraving the surface of the toilet paper sheets to design patterns on it. As embossed textures along the length of the toilet roll make it easier to wipe away dirt and grease. It also increases water absorption. Embossed toilet papers have a fluffier texture to provide a softer and cushiony effect.

Color and Pattern: Brighten Up the Bathroom

To brighten up the bathrooms, consumers use colorful or patterned toilet paper rolls. It adds color and design to the dull space of the house. Choosing patterns and exciting color palettes give the bathroom a luxurious feel and appearance. At times, it brings an envious smile on visitors’ faces.

Fragrant, Clean and Fresh

Perfumed toilet paper induces a feel-good smell to the washrooms. A light fragrance decreases unpleasant odors. It creates a feeling of cleanliness. But beware of robust scents. Try to keep away from such products as they overpower the soothing effect with a headache.

Best Toilet Paper Rolls to Buy in India

Let’s get into the brand selection mode. It has been made easier for you as we are listing the best toilet paper rolls that you can easily buy in India. The items in the list are without any ranking, but we have tried to provide a few suggestions in the following checklist to help meet your specific style and purpose.

RENOVA Green Toilet Paper

People wishing not to compromise on comfort better have this. It has smaller rolls that lead to higher replacements. The product is not for discount hunters. The best value deal stands with a high price tag accompanied by not so cost-friendly for all.

USP of RENOVA Green Toilet Paper

  • 2-Ply XXL Rolls
  • 6 double rolls with 2x the length of standard rolls
  • Environment-saving compact toilet paper
  • Recommended for families and offices who practice sustainable living
  • Made of 100% recycling materials used once
  • Eco-friendly product produced from low-quality paper
  • Saving trees from destruction.

BEETA TISSUES Budget Toilet Paper Roll

Lacking exterior packaging finesse, budgeted multipurpose toilet paper pack does not run out quickly and easy on your wallet. Storage space is a significant concern as the product is quite chunky. It is recommended to look for other listed options if looking for compact models.

USP of BEETA TISSUES Budget Toilet Paper Roll

  • Economy-Pack
  • Huge Discounts
  • Great value for money
  • A pack of 10 toilet paper rolls with 400 sheets
  • 2x the number of layers compared to a standard size roll
  • 2-ply tissues have flower pattern embossing on each roll
  • Really soft and smooth
  • Fits into any standard dispenser

PREMIER Toilet Tissue Roll

Hygienic and competitively priced, it is a perfect combination of functionality and economics in a toilet paper. Being reliable and sturdy, it does not have fancy embellishments and other additional features. People looking for wow factor with aesthetically appealing should not opt for this.

USP of PREMIER Toilet Tissue Roll

  • India’s Classic Brand
  • Extra Thick
  • Highly Absorbent Veteran brand
  • FSC certified toilet paper
  • 330 sheets of 2-ply paper per roll
  • Each roll has 4-pack
  • Approximately 1.5x bigger than the standard size
  • Features higher level of sheet thickness compared to industry-standard
  • Extra cleanness Greater value at a lower price

BELLA NO 1 Karo Toilet Paper

A combination of color, softness, and high-quality cleaning, it is suitable for families and offices. It has reasonable cost and performance ration. It is not the best option for bulk, commercial usage. People who have a passion for colors may not buy them. Due to some chemical agents used while manufacturing, it irritates sensitive skin.

USP of BELLA NO 1 Karo Toilet Paper

  • Affordable Colored Toilet Paper
  • Reasonably priced
  • Pack of 4 toilet rolls
  • Available in two color options: blue and white
  • Remarkably soft
  • Comfortable with a delicate texture
  • Easy to use
  • Each 2-ply rolls consists of 150 embossed sheets
  • Good absorbency.


The best for nuclear families or individuals having priority of soft and delicate feel for their toilet paper. This pack is recommended for families and households with not so many visitors. The rolls are run out quickly and require frequent replacements.


  • Great Value
  • Delicately Embossed Variety
  • Pack of 4 rolls 200 sheets per roll
  • Thin and delicate sheets
  • Perfect for sensitive and easily irritated skin
  • Made from plantation fibers
  • Natural toilet paper
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No chemical additives
  • Cheapest option on the list
  • Guaranteed unmatched superior softness

RENOVA Super Compact Toilet Paper

Pack recommended for large families and commercial places like Malls, Business Houses that have frequent visitors. Due to its size and bulkiness, it is not the best buy for travel-friendly buyers.

USP of RENOVA Super Compact Toilet Paper

  • Save Space
  • Reduces Salvage Time
  • XXXL Rolls
  • 6 compact rolls 3x longer than usual standards
  • Pack equivalent to 18 regular sized 2-ply rolls
  • No running out of toilet paper
  • Needs no frequent replacements
  • Make a bulk purchase
  • Does not require any extra storage space

SELPAK Perfumed Lavender Dream Scented Bathroom Tissue

A luxury product recommended for use in nuclear families or non-commercial entities. It comes in packaging with 100% biodegradable material. It is a chemical-free and environmentally conscious product. It does not compromise on quality of the product or functionality. Rolls have a fragrance, so opt for non-fragrant variety in case you have an allergy.

USP of SELPAK Perfumed Lavender Dream Scented Bathroom Tissue

  • Pleasant Fragrance
  • Mild Coloring
  • Premium Design
  • Premium paper quality
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Mildly scented
  • Standard sized rolls
  • Different colors
  • Gives a delightful fresh, and clean aroma
  • 3-ply structure makes it ultra-thick
  • Good absorbent
  • Enhances long-lasting softness.

SOLIMO Bathroom Tissue Toilet Paper Roll

Recommended in bathrooms mostly frequented by children and elderly, is suitable for large families and businesses. It has 300 sheets per rolls. Large rolls do not run out quickly. Toilet tissues are 100% safe and hygienic. It is recommended for any age group.

USP of SOLIMO Bathroom Tissue Toilet Paper Roll

  • Premium Quality
  • No chemicals agents used
  • No Dyes used
  • No Fragrance used
  • 3-ply toilet rolls
  • Strong and smooth
  • Silky Soft for sensitive skin
  • Best choice for people prone to skin irritation or skin allergies
  • Silky smooth texture
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Works efficiently without discomforts


Created by taking into Indian plumbing and infrastructure in mind, toilet rolls are well-coordinated and suited for commercial and personal use with linear and older plumbing systems. Eco-friendly brand reduces the risk of clogged drains, so remain assured as the paper disintegrates easily when flushed.

USP of ORIGAMI SO…SOFT Toilet Tissue

  • Toilet Paper Features a Dozen Rolls
  • Family-pack of 12 standard-sized rolls
  • 160 sheets in each 3-ply roll
  • Super soft toilet rolls
  • High absorbency
  • Less storage space needed
  • Hygienic
  • Safe and durable
  • Superior quality
  • Optimal comfort to the buyer

SELPAK Toilet Paper Bathroom Tissue Roll

Thick and absorbent 3-ply structure gives a feel of a delicate and soft approach to sensitive skin areas. It effectively cleanses the more robust areas. It helps with taking care of family hygiene and safety needs. It does not compromise the quality and effectiveness of the purpose. The product is perfect with excellent functionality and luxurious quality. It gives a superior feel and makes the purchase undoubtedly perfect.

USP of SELPAK Toilet Paper Bathroom Tissue Roll

  • Best Choice Toilet Paper
  • 150 Extra-Long Sheets per Roll
  • Pack of 4 white toilet rolls
  • Non-Fragrant
  • Chemical-free
  • Longer sheet size than standard rolls
  • 150 extra-long sheets per roll
  • Biodegradable packaging
  • Environment-friendly sources


Buying toilet paper for family or business, the softness, strength, thickness, durability, absorbency level, and disintegrating factors are considered with careful consideration. We are hopeful that now you will be able to find the best toilet paper roll according to your needs from the above recommendations provided.

Buying toilet paper is a matter of personal preference with the conscious choice from the texture, the size, and color of the rolls. Now, you must have become confident with enough knowledge to choose the best toilet paper for you.