Best reasons to buy a second home in Italy

home in Italy

Can’t you stand your daily routine anymore? Do you have a craving for a change of scenery, at least for a while? Would you like to have a place all to yourself where you can spend a few days of vacation, by yourself or with family or friends, or even – why not? – work in peace without anyone bothering you? Well, then buying a second home is just the thing for you. Start thinking about it. Decide which scenario you would like best for your second home: by the sea, in the mountains, on the shores of a quiet lake, in your country or even abroad. It’s very simple. Today you can just rely on the precious help of an online real estate agency and find in a few clicks a range of solutions from which you can choose the one you like best, the house that will become the home of your dreams. What about Italy, for example? Thanks to the variety of its beautiful landscapes and its incredible amount of ancient art and architecture, Italy is certainly one of the most popular destinations both for spending holidays and for buying a second home. In Italy real estate solutions are everywhere. You just have to decide which location best meets your needs and choose from the various proposals that you will find on the real estate platform. A few clicks and that’s it! But, first of all, let’s take a look at the wonders that this country offers. Having a general overview about the possibilities you have will help you to pick your second home in Italy more easily.

Art, history and delicious cuisine

There are so many reasons why Italy is famous all over the world, and just as many are the reasons why this country is so loved. Everything in Italy speaks to us of art, literature and culture. Wherever you go, you will find ancient cities that bear countless testimonies of a millenary history. Italy has the largest cultural heritage in the world with over 3,400 museums, about 2,100 archaeological areas and parks and 43 UNESCO sites. A paradise for art lovers. And last but not least, its cuisine and wines are also renowned and appreciated internationally. Pretty good going, don’t you think?

Warm weather, cool weather

Another strong point of Italy is its geographical position which gives it an extremely varied but always temperate climate, warm and sunny along the many kilometers of coastline and in the islands, cool and sparkling in the hills, quite cool in the mountains. You are spoiled for choice.

Cristal clear water or towering mountains?

The Italian coasts, especially in the south and on the islands, are famous for their splendid beaches and crystal-clear sea water. If you love the sea, it will be a dream to buy a house in these beautiful places such as Sardinia, Sicily or Apulia. But if you prefer, you can also opt for a mountain location in Trentino or Valle d’Aosta. Green pastures in summer, snow in winter: total immersion in nature. No wonder, then, Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations from around the world. Many actors and personalities from culture and showbiz have chosen to buy a second home in Italy. Why shouldn’t you do it too?