Best Olive Oil to Buy in India 2020

Best Olive Oil to Buy in India 2020

Best Olive Oil to Buy in India 2020

Can you guess one extremely important ingredient these all have in common; Caprese salads, pesto dips, focaccias. Yes, you guessed it right, olive oil. This oil has become easily available in recent times, but there is still more information that the customers do not know. The following article will give you knowledge beyond the simple categories which people regularly hear about “extra-virgin olive oil” and “pure olive oil.” These points to ponder will help you choose the perfect one according to the needs of the kitchen.

Enjoying Mediterranean cuisine will need to have the best olive oil. In the following article, we will give you an outlook you need to keep in mind while choosing the best oil among brands like Borges, Disano, Figaro. You need not waste time in the market to survey for the product as we shall give you a list of the best oils that you can be bought in India.

Buying Guide to Choose Olive Oil in India

Brand names should be followed when you want to choose a good quality olive oil. There are a few other points buyers should check for while hunting for the best one.

Choose the oil as you want to you it

Different types of oils are used for a definite purpose.

Condiment: Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Cooking with olive oil helps to reduce cholesterol levels and keep the heart healthier. But, general articles on oils do not talk about virgin olive oil. Extra virgin is the super quality product, cold-pressed and unrefined olive oil, which should never be used with heat.
Extra virgin is for dressings, dips and to be used as a condiment. It consists of a strong flavor and aroma. It is filled up with nutrients. But heating it will make its expensive qualities disappear. Extra virgin has a low smoking point. Therefore, it should not be used frying and deep-frying.

Pan-Frying and Grilling: Pure Olive Oil

Pure olive oil is a difficult territory to navigate. The contradiction comes along with the name and its composition. It contains a delicate mix of extra virgin and refined oil. Therefore, it is not exactly as pure as it might look like. The flavor and aroma is lighter than extra virgin olive oil. It is cheaper as it consists of refined oil. It can be used for pan-frying and grilling. It doesn’t possess a strong scent or taste. It can be used to cook dishes from various cuisines of the world. But deep-fry takes away nutrients, and it has in a lesser quantity.

Baking: Light or Extra-Light Olive Oil

Do not take “light” lightly. It is misleading the consumers. Light doesn’t mean the oil is healthier, but it means the oil has a lighter aroma and flavor. Light olive oil is refined oil procured by heat and/or chemicals. These are not nutrient-rich. Some dishes do not need flavorful and aromatic oils like cakes and bread. For these preparations, light is perfect. It has a high smoke point. It is a healthy oil and a great choice to use if you are baking.

Packaging Bottle: Material and Color

In order to make sure that oil stays in top-notch condition till use glass bottles are used. Glass Bottles are least reactive. The best way to store olive oil is to keep it in glass bottles or stainless steel tins because both are less reactive. The containers should not let air to enter because it can make the oil rancid. Darker and Opaque Bottles or tins protect it from the light
Tinted or opaque bottles or cans protect the oil from exposure to light.

Avoid health risks by avoiding Olive Pomace Oil

After all, the oil is extracted from the olives, the leftover pulp called pomace. Extremely hot temperatures and various chemicals are used to extract oil from the pulp. These harmful chemicals affect the usual flavor of oil. Therefore, it is much cheaper and must be avoided by olive pomace oil.

Best Olive Oil to Buy in India

We have prepared a long list of the best to dive into to know about the oil. It can give you the names to select from so as to buy olive oil in India. This will help you find oil to suit your needs and cooking style.

Borges Extra-Light Olive Oil

  • Mild scent and flavor
  • Perfect for baking
  • Good for marinating meat or seafood
  • Comes in a proper packaged glass bottle
  • Does not go rancid
  • Does not break during transportation
  • Lacks most of the nutrients
  • Quite expensive product
  • Comes in a non-tinted glass bottle

Bertolli Classico Olive Oil

  • Pure
  • Lightly flavored and aroma
  • Good for saute and grill
  • Does not interfere with Indian dishes
  • Makes good for Mediterranean cuisines
  • Works well with meat, seafood, and vegetables
  • Comes in a transparent plastic bottle
  • Have to finish quickly to prevent going rancid
  • Pretty expensive product
  • Contains refined olive oil and extra virgin
  • Lacks nutrients

Del Monte Extra Virgin

  • Extra virgin
  • Without strong scent and flavor
  • Great for beginners
  • Thicker consistency
  • Works well in dressings and dips
  • Comes in a transparent plastic bottle
  • Quickly goes rancid

Figaro Extra Virgin

  • Extra virgin
  • Good to replace butter
  • Add to salads and grilled vegetables
  • Can be used in dishes like paranthas and dal
  • Strong flavor
  • Wonderful after taste
  • Works really well as a dip for bread
  • Bit expensive
  • Size of the bottle is small
  • Bottle is made of glass but not tinted

DiSano Extra Virgin

  • Recommended for Light Taste
  • Have strong and fruity aroma
  • Spanish extra virgin with a slightly lighter taste
  • Great for making salad dressings, dips, bread
  • Inexpensive options
  • Bottle is transparent and plastic
  • Have to store in a dark place
  • Taste is quite mild so you may end up adding more

Colavita Extra Virgin

  • Extra virgin
  • Strong aroma
  • Comes in a dark tinted glass bottle
  • Retains flavor and fragrance for long time
  • Lasts longer
  • Expensive
  • Thinner consistency

Disano Pure Olive Oil

  • Pure spanish
  • No artificial taste
  • Good for pan frying, vegetables and grilling
  • Meats Feels really light
  • Much healthier choice
  • Really strong fragrance or taste
  • Hindrance in making make Indian flavored food
  • Comes in a transparent plastic bottle
  • Not safe from heat and light
  • Not the most nutritious
  • High cost

Figaro Olive Oil Tin

  • Pure
  • Scented and flavor
  • Works for Indian and Mediterranean food
  • Improves the flavors of dishes in Mediterranean cuisine
  • Comes in large tin
  • Keeps oil safe from heat and light
  • Most inexpensive

LA Organic Cuisine, Extra-Virgin

  • Organic extra virgin
  • Most authentic
  • Fresh flavor
  • Best extra virgin in the market
  • Made by a Spanish company
  • Best ranking Certified as organic by European Union regulations and Spanish agriculture quality checkers
  • Really fresh and strong fruity flavor
  • Works incredibly well with salad dressings and dips
  • Comes in a dark and tinted glass bottle
  • Oil does not go rancid easily
  • Bit expensive
  • Offers level of authenticity of flavor

Borges Extra Virgin

  • Affordable
  • Extra virgin
  • Strong aroma and flavor
  • Not too much expensive
  • Comes in a dark and tinted glass bottle
  • Does not go rancid quickly
  • Has fresh and aromatic flavor
  • Perfect for dressings and dips Use it sparingly
  • Does not runs out easily

The final word

Olive oil has become a popular choice nowadays. It is essential to know the types of oils with their specific purpose. After going through the article, it will be getting more definite to distinguish between types and uses. The list of recommendations must have introduced you to the best olive oils in the market. Now, you can judge and buy after reading the pros and cons of various olive oils.

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