Best living room decoration

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Agree or not but the decoration and interiors of your house make a huge impact on your visitors or guest’s mind. One way to have it is to have a huge amount of money so as to get the best of it and the other is to have a good taste in which you can renovate and decorate your house in a budget-friendly manner. 

Decoration in the living room reflects yours and your family’s personality and taste. As the name suggests, the living room holds the life of the entire house.It is the most exposed part of the house as it is the first room that a person enters. Usually, we make our guests first sit in the living room before they go to any other part of the house. And as the saying goes ‘the first impression is the last impression’, everyone should take care of the decoration in their living room. 

All the celebrations whether it be a birthday party or an official party for your boss and colleagues or a promotion party, the living room becomes the area of celebration and joy. People usually decorate their living room with all the things they love the most like paintings, pictures, ornaments, and showpieces. It becomes an area for family pleasure as all the family members can sit together after a tiring day and have some light and fun conversations or can simply enjoy some leisure time watching TV, playing chess or reading in there.  

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BookMyPainting is a leading platform for such handmade paintings. Hundreds of skilled and professional artists work towards making your painting a true copy of your original picture. They provide quality class hand-portraits from your favorite pictures and make you fall in love with them. They have various art styles and size options to choose from. It is an online portal wherein you need to give your favorite pictures and if you are confused about which picture will look good in which style, they even help you out with that. They have reasonable prices and a super smooth user experience.

You can also choose art styles and pictures according to the room lighting and color of the walls in your living room. The various options from which you can choose are:

  • Charcoal sketches
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These kinds of sketches look the best on light-colored and monochromatic walls. If your family members prefer black and white over colors then this should be your preferred option. You can get a Handmade Charcoal sketch with great contrast and unmatched details. Also, they are the classiest of all. The blending, shading, and display of emotions’  finer details are perfect in this art style. You can have a charcoal sketch with your pet and hang it in your living room.

  • Oil color painting
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Oil portraits are so realistic that you’ll fall in love with the sketch. It is one of the oldest art forms alive. These paintings are lustrous and captivating and will definitely gain the focus of your guest or visitor. These portraits on canvas can be a great conversation starter like where did you get the portrait from and what is the story behind the picture. 

  • Watercolor painting
watercolor painting

They are known for their colorful and simple splashes. The colors create a jolly vibe which is very appropriate for the living room environment. Choose a picture from your children’s childhood wherein you and your better half can be seen giggling at their naughtiness and get a watercolor painting to freeze the moment in front of your eyes forever.

  • Pencil color painting
Pencil color painting

 The best option for revamping the old black and white paintings or to transform photos since the originality is preserved. These are, as brilliant as an oil painting or a watercolor picture yet they have the surface of a drawing which makes them a great alternative. Get a full family picture with all the generations in it as a pencil color painting.

Whatever be the medium, portraits are a must-have for living room decoration. When a person is visiting you for the first time, he will have a glimpse of your personality by seeing the portraits in your living room. Whether you are an animal lover or a nature enthusiast, a fun-loving person or a family lover your choice of portrait will define your personality greatly. You also need to take care of the right position and right size for the portraits otherwise it will look a mess and spoil the beauty of your living room.

As the place where friends and family gather the most in a home, it is important for a living room to not only be inviting but well-decorated. Portraits are a good option that can make for the best living room decoration. You can give a new life to your living room with handmade paintings.