Be Sure to Have this Expert Checklist Handy When Buying Wooden Furniture

Buying Wooden Furniture

There are two phases in your furniture buying life: the one where you look for low prices and use-and-throw pieces and the one where you buy furniture for your forever home or when you start putting quality over other considerations. Woodsala.com is a great place to start for the latter. Here is a checklist of all you need to know when shopping for premium wooden furniture:

1.    Know What Wood You Are Getting

Don’t just go by misleading labels like ‘best quality wood’ – check whether the seller is telling you exactly what wood is going into the furniture you buy. Teak wood is one of the most valued woods for furniture, both for its looks and durability. Solid wood is also much preferred in the making of quality furniture. If prices are surprisingly low and you don’t find the exact description of wood in the pieces you select, you are likely getting an inferior quality of wood. Wood quality can affect the life span of your furniture and it may develop anything from cracks to chipping and breaking off. If you don’t want to end up with warped and cracked wood, pay due attention to the wood quality.

2.    Check for Quality of Construction

Wooden furniture is meant to last. Even the best quality wood cannot help you if the item suffers from manufacturing defects. This is particularly true of areas like joints and drawer rails. If these are not up to the mark, your prized piece of furniture may quickly develop issues. If you choose to buy wooden furniture online, place your trust only in furniture stores with a known track record and great reputation like Woodsala. This is one way to ensure you get the quality you are paying for.

3.    Ask for a Customisation Option

Not every readymade piece of furniture will be suitable for the size and shape of your home. Which is why it makes sense to ask for an option to customise to your needs. This will ensure you get the furniture that is perfect for your spaces.

4.    Look for Designs That Complement your Home Aesthetic

The greatest joy of shopping for wooden furniture online is that you get to choose from endless variety of designs. Traditional, contemporary, vintage or quirky, you are sure to land upon exactly what you had in mind. The only word of caution here is that you choose designs that can transition effortlessly from one home to another or a change of colour on your walls. Classic and timeless always has the edge over the pop sensation of the moment in this regard as you are less likely to fall out of love with them over a period of time.

5.    Look at the finer details in your wooden furniture

In the sheer excitement of choosing the perfect look, sometimes you forget the practical needs related to your furniture. For instance, if you are choosing a wardrobe for a small child, you may need shelves placed at a level adjusted to their height. Or choose furniture without sharp protruding edges if you have elderly persons or children in the house. A drawer that is constantly opened will need stronger hinges than one that is purely decorative. Paying attention to these details can save a lot of nagging issues – and time and money spent on repairs – in the long run. The requirements when it comes to outdoor furniture are different from those related to indoor furniture. Outdoor furniture will need to be more weather resistant while indoor furniture will need to survive wear and tear, stains and scratches resulting from rough and regular use. Always pay attention to the finish to ensure your wooden furniture will not only survive – but also continue to look great and give you pride as a homeowner over the years.