Awning Systems – Understanding Their Components and Features

Awning Systems

Awnings are the best solution for a comfortable and unique extension and utilization of your outdoor area. You can transform your deck or patios with awnings and make the space livable. Awnings provide shade and shelter from various weather conditions, prevent heat and glare from entering your house, protect your furniture from fading, and allow you to enjoy your time outside.

So to make the most out of your awning systems, it is essential that you know the various components and features that they include. Continue reading below to find out more.

Components of an awning system

An awning system is complex and consists of multiple components, each having its own important role and purpose. The main components of an awnings system include the following:

1) Cover

The main part of the awning comprises the cover. This is why the cover should be made from a strong and durable material that will last you some years. The cover of your awning will provide protection against UV rays, heat and glare of the sun, weather conditions, and protect furniture color. You can get the most out of your awning that also has a drop shade. This will further shelter your sitting area and your house.

Glued or Sewn cover?

Glued awning covers will offer less protection and strength. So it is better to go for a sewn awning cover, as they are much more durable and reliable.

Water-resistant or waterproof cover?

Covers made from woven materials such as acrylic and canvas will not provide you waterproofing features. They will, over time, become water-resistant only. So if you want an awning for protection against the rain, then you will need to look for waterproof covers made from laminated materials.

2) Frame

The awning is supported by a frame. These frames are created from galvanized steel or aluminum. Galvanized steel is a robust and durable option. While aluminum will not corrode and is light in nature. The two main types of frameworks of awning include:

a) Geometric framework

This framework usually comes in square or rectangle tubing. This is welded to join the tubing together.

b) Round framework

This framework comes in round tubing. This is bolted to join the tubing.

3) Motor

If you are considering motorized retractable awnings, then there will be a motor component to your awning. A motor is an important component as your awning will be functioning on this. So your motor should function quietly without a sound so that you are not annoyed by your awning, strong and durable so that it lasts longer, and free maintenance so that in case of malfunction, you can get it fixed immediately. So when you purchase a retractable awning, you should ask about these aspects of the motor. Whether the awning you are purchasing will provide a good motor or not.

4) Cassette

This is the cover that surrounds the motor. These are included in retractable awnings, as they hold the cover when the awning is retracted. This cassette is the part that is fixed to the wall. Three types of cassettes of your retractable awnings NJ are:

a) Full cassette

In this, the cover and arms are tucked away and stored inside the casing. They offer the most protection of awning from harsh weather conditions.

b) Semi cassette

This is the middle option between full and open casing. These provide some protection to the cover. Even though the underside stays open, your installation is still protected from harsh weather conditions.

c) Open cassette

This does not cover the retracted cover. The awning remains exposed, so this type of awning is best when there is some protection available for your awning system.

Size of your awning

The awnings come in various sizes, or they can be custom-built to fit your sitting area. The amount of coverage you are looking for can be taken into account when selecting an awning. The width and length of the area that needs to be covered are measured to determine the size of your awning.

The best way to get your awnings installed is through an awning company. They will consider all the aspects and install your awnings according to your needs. Hiring professionals for the job is a great idea because they will install your awning more quickly and properly. It might cost you a few more dollars, but it will be worth it in the end.

Light and heat incorporated awning

Awnings are an amazing solution to your outdoor problems. This is why there are various awnings that also provide a lighting system. In this way, you can get shelter and shade as well as lighting so that you can enjoy your time outdoors at night without any problems.

In addition to the lighting system, you can also get heater-incorporated awnings. These awnings will allow you to get heat and warmth under the awning. This solves the problems for colder areas where you cannot enjoy yourself outdoors due to the cold. But with this system, you can enjoy the warmth as well as the outdoors.

App-controlled awnings

Advancements in technology have made so many things possible that seemed impossible a few decades ago. Every individual now has a smartphone they always carry around in their pocket or hand. You now have the option of controlling your motorized retractable awning through apps on your smartphone. This means you no longer have to spend minutes searching for the remote. The remote is now your smartphone. Simply control your awning through your smartphone easily from wherever you are sitting.

Durability of awnings

The period that your awnings will last depends upon the quality of your awning and the weather conditions that your awning is exposed to. The frame structure usually lasts the longest due to its robust nature, but the problem lies with the cover. Fabric covers will need to be replaced in order to keep your awning working.

Your awning can last you from 5 to 15 years at most. Its life also depends upon you. You can preserve your awnings through proper care and maintenance. Durable awnings are a long-term investment. You can reap its benefits for multiple years that are to come. Enjoy its immense benefits for years after installing it for once.

The bottom line

There are many things to decide on when it comes to purchasing your awning. This is why you need to understand their components and features beforehand.  So if you enjoy sitting outdoors and enjoying nature, then the best way to utilize your outdoor space is through an awning system. Hire an awning company to get the proper installation and features of awnings.