8 Tips for Buying the Perfect Rug

Perfect Rug

Rugs are a staple in interior design because they are a timeless and simple way to enhance a room through color, texture, and shape. 

However, it’s easy to purchase a rug that doesn’t quite work, even if the picture online looks stunning. You could roll it out in the room and realize it doesn’t quite go with the surrounding space, or it may even be clunky and hard to walk on.

To make the buying process easier, we’re here to share a few things you should consider when buying a rug. Keep these eight tips in mind before rolling out a new rug at home!

1. Find the right size 

The size of the rug can have a huge impact on the overall appearance of a room. A too-large rug can create the illusion of a stuffy and cramped room, whereas a small rug can leave the space looking unfinished. 

Luckily, free online sizing guides are readily available to help you find the perfect rug size for any space. 

2. Buy from a reputable brand

Rugs can be a hassle to pick out, transport, and set up. The last thing anyone wants is to run into issues with customer service or quality control. 

Established brands often alleviate these issues with readily available and easily digestible information. Brands like Dalyn, Rizzy, and Surya rugs are well respected and eager to help customers choose the best rugs for their spaces.

3. Try different patterns 

Patterns can do wonders! Multicolored patterns can help blend eclectic furniture into a cohesive room. They can also act as the focal point in subdued spaces. Beyond adding visual appeal, patterns can also easily conceal wear and tear. Small patterns are especially good at hiding everyday stains. 

4. Experiment with shapes

Rectangular and square rugs are not always the best shape for a given room. For example, a room with lots of rounded wall decorations and furniture may look more complete with an oval rug. 

Organic shapes are another great option. They often act as a centerpiece, drawing attention to their unique appearance. Rugs that combine patterns and shapes can be a super fun addition to any room. 

5. Consider the material

Every room has its own function and activity level. Some rooms get a lot of foot traffic while others are more empty. 

When buying a rug, consider how easy the material is to clean compared to how much activity happens in your home every day. Machine washable and natural materials are great for entryways and high-volume rooms. Alternatively, silk rugs are better suited for lower traffic areas. 

6. Consider the weave

A rug’s weave determines its feel and influences how it wears over time. There are lots of weave types, and each one has its advantages. For instance, hooked rugs are better than tufted rugs in high traffic areas because they do not shed as easily. Some weaves, such as hand-knotted, work well in any area. 

7. Be mindful of the pile

The pile of a rug is a measure of its fibers. High pile rugs have longer fibers and appear more shaggy. Low pile rugs, however, have short fibers. 

After selecting the correct type of rug material and weave, consider the appropriate pile for your space. Rugs in messy areas such as the kitchen perform best when they are a low pile. High pile rugs, like Moroccan rugs, do best in low traffic spaces, like bedrooms. 

8. Find a rug pad

When selecting the perfect rug, be sure to also look for a compatible rug pad. Rug pads help preserve the longevity of rugs by adding extra support and cushion. They also keep the rug from sliding around on the floor. 

Like pile, rug pads need to be selected based on a rooms normal activity. Cushioned rug pads are great for living rooms, whereas pads with strong grips work well in busier spaces.

Bottom Line

Are you ready to bring the most beautiful and elegant rug into your space? Unfortunately, this isn’t a simple buy. You have to consider all eight of the tips we included above.  We recommend taking pictures of the room and compare rugs online with your visual reference. This makes it easier to find a rug with the right material, weave, color, and pile. Also, don’t forget to bring home a rug pad and shop from a reputable brand to guarantee a purchase that lasts for years!