7 Decor Tips To Make Office Work More Fun

Dining room decor

Your office décor may influence your attitude and performance of work. Staring at a dull office space can make you feel bored and distracted day in and day out.

If you find yourself feeling isolated in your office cubicle, make an effort to make your space suck less, beautiful, and fun such that you look forward to coming to work every morning. Your office space doesn’t have to be bland and beige or grey. However, coming up with professional decorating ideas which are also appealing may seem like a daunting task.

So, here are a few tips to nudge you in the right direction:

1.   Hang up pictures and artwork

One way to convey an office’s character and style to clients and employees is by use of art. Art can also be used to define and portray a company’s brand values. Office artwork doesn’t have to be expensive to have a deeper meaning. There are inexpensive works of art that are available at flea markets and online. You can also quickly get customized canvas prints of any desired image, frame them, and hang them in your office space. You can pick out graphic prints with motivational quotes on them and put them in exciting frames for a chic and fascinating look.

There’s no rule against having photos of your loved ones or pets on your desk or the wall of your cubicle. When you look at their photographs, you are reminded why and whom you are doing the work for. You can create beautiful photo collages of your family members, print them out, put them in small, cute frames, and place them on your desk.

2.   Play around with colors

Colors are a great way to brighten up your office space. Do not go overboard with your color palette, though. You do not want an explosion of color, preferably a consistent color range. A great way to ensure this is by picking a range of colors and spreading them evenly around the office. To give your space some personality and avoid clashing, try to pick colors from the same color family. Endeavor to coordinate your choice of colors with your décor items.

Strategically use colors around the office to stimulate the senses and influence behavior. Have hints of color in furniture and another décor to turn an otherwise bland office into an energetic and vibrant space. Bright colors such as red catch people’s attention and excites the brain.

Another color to consider using in your office décor is blue. Blue is associated with tranquility and stimulation of the mind. To increase the focus and productivity of workers, consider using blue.

3.   String fairy lights

Fairy lights may not be functional, but they are fun and whimsical. It is something beautiful to look at when you look up from your work. Another set of lights you can string up are twinkle lights. But not both of them at the same time.

Pick one and stick with that. Fairy lights are a personal taste which is recommended for a home office. However, if you are working at an office building, check and see that it is okay to string up the lights before you light up your cubicle like a Christmas tree.

4.   Have plants and flowers

Plants bring life to any space. They bring the sense of the outside indoors. Succulents and cacti are great plants to have around the office as they require little to no care. Give the space some energy by adding flowers that immediately brighten up space.

Plants are known to improve the overall health of people and filter the air. They create a positive environment and help calm the mind. Flowers such as orchids have fragrant scents that improve the mood. If you do not want the hustle of caring for real plants and flowers, there is always the option of fake ones that look real enough.

5.   Decorate your desk area

You can make the functional items on your desk beautiful without minimizing their functional capabilities. For your keyboard, for example, you can get a cute cover for it instead of it being just plain and boring. Consider getting a unique, wireless keyboard as well. You can also get a matching pencil holder. A paper holder is a great way to organize your desk. Get an upright paper holder that takes up little space and looks charming as well.

Shelves are a great way to keep your stuff organized. Floating shelves are both endearing and functional. You can get different colored shelves that make your office space attractive and organized. A small and cute desk lamp and flower vase will tie up the décor nicely, making your office space livelier.

6.   Make your desk and chair fun as well

All office furniture doesn’t have to black or white. Brighten up your workspace by having an attractive desk and a cheery chair. Your furniture can be both professional and beautiful. Try to find ones that are unique and specific to your taste. However, this is best for home offices.

 If you are working at an office building, the best you can do is decorate your desk. It is not logical to buy a new desk for your office building. You can get a comfortable chair that matches your desk. Make it beautiful by having a cheery cover for it to complete the look.

7.   Have a cool break room

People need a space where they can relax and have fun during their breaks from work. An ideal break room should have comfortable lounge chairs and pretty tables where people can sit around and interact with their colleagues during their break.

You can add games such as ping-pong and board games, and books for the staff to unwind while interacting. A coffee maker is an excellent investment in a break room. Other appliances

to include in the break room are a refrigerator and a cupboard full of snacks. This gives the office a cozy and warm space with a homey feel.


A fun workplace can reduce stress, can promote creativity and engagement, and can positively improve your career.